The Awakening VIP


I’m calling all my bad and boujee women

You are deeply spiritual…. But no one knows it.

The epitome of a high class confident woman.

You know your worth.

You have everything you could ever want.


From the outside looking in your life seems perfect.

But secretly you feel empty inside.

You know there is more inside of you but you have no fucking idea what it is or how to connect to it.

You just know deeply that you need more than this.

You struggle to get through your days while plastering a fake smile on your face.

You succeed, you’re strong, you’re ambitious, beautiful.

You have it all.

But when you slow down, you’re not fully happy and you don’t know why.

It’s like you’ve lost yourself in the process of building the life you dreamed of.

You struggle to connect to your deeper soul mission.

And the truth is… You want more.

You need more.

You can feel it in your bones that you are MEANT for more!

You don’t just want to change some things, you want to BLOSSOM and TRANSFORM into the woman inside of you.

You want it ALL.

And you know you deserve it.

so the question is how do you have it all?

Spoiler alert: it’s about connecting to your damn self.

Making space for your transformation.

Then DOING what must be done in order to BECOME who you’re meant to be.

You feel her there don’t you?

If this is you… Then keep reading.


When was the last time you actually made space for yourself?

When is the last time you actually asked yourself who you are?

When is the last time you actually took a minute to slow down and look into your soul to see who you’re meant to be, why you do what you do, and what you actually want?

I know you’ve been deeply hurt in the past.

I feel your pain in my heart.

But know that you too can heal.

It’s your time. The fact that you’re reading this tells me you are meant for this. You’re ready to transform.

I do not chase symptoms. I do not diagnose. I am not a doctor.

I am a functional practitioner and an intuitive healer - I work holistically to get you where you want to go in life. To heal from the pain and trauma in your mind and body.

By addressing what is mentally and physically holding you back, we open up and allow space for your transformation. True healing programs will ALWAYS touch your entire life because YOU are the center of your life. By investing in and bettering yourself, you can only see that multiply and amplify all around you.

But YOU are of the utmost importance.



who is this for?


this is for you if you are:

  • An ambitious woman who knows she is meant for MORE.

  • Ready to dig into your unconscious and understand WHY you do what you do + who the fuck you actually ARE.

  • Open to spiritual, intuitive, and energetic healing practices

  • Open to functional lab work and holistic healing practices

  • Ready to work closely with a practitioner and healer who uses a deep intuitive connection and clairvoyance on her clients healing journey.

  • Excited to meet IN PERSON for your Luxury VIP trip

  • Ready to own the fuck out of your habits in order to create your next level life.

  • You’re done with living like this and you are ready for help.



  • Not ready to dive into your own bull shit stories + release limiting habits and beliefs.

  • Not open to holistic, natural, or spiritual practices for healing.

  • Not ready to do the hard things to get where you want to go.

  • Looking for a quick fix without doing your part.

  • Not willing to look at your diet or lifestyle.

  • Not willing to make time for your transformation.

  • Wanting to stay exactly where you are exactly as you are.

  • Not excited about creating your best fucking life!


What the awakening vip entails

To put it simply:


It’s a 90 Day 1:1 Program with a Luxury VIP day in DC.

  • You will have two weekly calls with Harmony.
    One will be an intuitive, energetic, spiritual healing session.
    One will be a quick 30min protocol check in.

  • You’ll get 2 functional lab tests done with options for more (sent via mail & paid for directly to the lab).

  • I will personally craft your D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® protocol

  • Once your lab results are IN you will have a 2hr Results & Recommendations Session

  • I will fly you out to DC for your Luxury VIP Day with me centered all around pleasure and electrifying your healing

  • You’ll have access to me on Voxer in between appointments

Okay let’s breakdown some more details now shall we?

Energy + Intuitive Healing Sessions

I love these sessions and I know you are going to fall in love with them as well. This is the space where you will get to know yourself deeply. I will tap into your energetic system and share my clairvoyant gifts with you. The sessions range anywhere from 60min-90min depending on what comes up and what you are working through that day. We will cleanse your energy and clear any energetic blocks that have been holding you back from the life and happiness you so desperately desire. We will uncover toxic thought patterns, relationships, and unresolved trauma from your past. I will connect and share with you the insights and healing opportunities that come through for you during our session. This may include card pulls, tapping, crystal work, meditation, energy cleansing, energy healing, sexual healing, and an overall auric tune up. All sessions will be recorded and sent to you to listen back to at a later time. You will have one of these calls weekly.

Review Sessions

This is your opportunity and time to have my ear as your practitioner. These sessions get deep quickly and are only 30mins long. We get right into knowledge, homework, clarity, and tools for your unique situation, breaking your mindset patterns, and reevaluating your habits to name just a few. Ultimately it’s a chance for me to look closely over your case, make any tweaks that need to be made to your protocol, and make sure everything is going smoothly for you. It’s your chance to open up and ask questions. This gives us a chance to connect on a deeper level and really work to progress your case forward in a positive direction.

On these calls you can also expect information. Information about your test results, your protocol, and it’s very important to me that I empower you with knowledge so you know the WHY behind what you’re doing. My goal is for you to walk away not needing me, but knowing that YOU can do this. You will have one of these calls weekly.

functional labwork

I use lab work in my practice as a means to look deeper into your body and begin to understand why you experience the symptoms you do. I never just treat the test results and I do not diagnose diseases. I search for healing opportunities and nothing compares to functional lab work! The following are 4 labs I require all of my clients get in order to paint a complete picture of your case:

  1. BioHealth 205A - HPA Stress Profile, Saliva Hormone Panel - This test shows us your level of chronic stress and HPA Axis dysregulation (AKA adrenal fatigue) by testing cortisol (x4) and DHEA in addition to sex hormones including estradiol, estriol, progesterone, testosterone, and melatonin. This test provides many insights into your body in addition to your overall health + vitality.

  2. BioHealth 101 - Metabolic Assessment, Urine Panel - With this test we are able to look deeper into your body’s oxidative stress, your liver function, and your gut’s ability to absorb and assimilate nutrients - especially proteins. This gives us so much insight into your symptoms. And while i't’s a simple and easy test it provides a lot of insight into healing opportunities.

  3. Oxford Mediator Release Test - Food Sensitivity Blood Panel - This is the only blood test that I have my clients do but it is so incredibly worth it. This is not your run of the mill IgG food sensitivity test OR an IgE allergen panel. This is by far my favorite lab for clients because the results are simple and tangible to follow + 100% tailored to your body and it’s needs. It’s not about health vs unhealthy foods - it’s about what your body can and cannot tolerate. It’s testing for an inflammatory and immune response to 170 different foods and truly is the best way to know how to eat for YOUR body while reducing inflammation.

  4. BioHealth 401H - GI Pathogen Screen, Stool Panel - I know no one really wants to do a stool test but holy hell is it worth it! This test looks for parasites, bacterial overgrowth, yeast or fungi, H-Pylori, occult blood, and most importantly gives us an incredibly important view into your digestive system. This provides SO much insight into potential chronic stressors in your gut in addition to so many healing opportunities! Truly next level shit right here and another test that has proven to be so beneficial for all of my clients!

I offer other labs as well, but these are the 4 I recommend you begin with and I require that my clients perform. Please do keep in mind that lab fees are paid directly to the lab separately from the fees for this program. Total cost for all 4 labs comes out to about $1,000. These labs are NOT like labs you get through your doctor. We are looking at different ranges and using the information differently.

D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® protocol

My protocols will never just include diet and supplements. The truth of the matter is, who you are being is just as important as what you are doing. So when it comes to your protocol you can expect things like morning and evening routines in addition to journaling and meditation to be involved. In order to heal your body we must also work on your mindset and environment. Stress on the body comes in many forms and it is not just physical. A body under stress in not a body in a state of healing. So needless to say, my protocols are unique for every single client in my practice, but they will always address MORE than just what you’re eating and what you’re taking. Here’s the very basics of what your protocol will entail:

  • Diet

  • Rest

  • Exercise

  • Stress Reduction

  • Supplementation

Your protocol will always be custom to you so it works for you - you just have to do the work!


investment options

One payment of $5,000

four payments of $1,250

or to chat first: schedule a complementary call!

Lab fees are not included and must be paid directly to the lab with your samples for processing.









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Are you ready to take back your health and up level your life?