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Starting 2019 Enrollment

CONQUER is for the woman who’s skin is mostly clear but you just need a little guidance to fully nip it in the bud. These written plans also include one initial consultation call to review plus additional access to me via email!

Using functional lab work and a WHOLE BODY approach we will craft a CUSTOMIZED action plan to going to get this healing shit under control and I’m so excited for you to experience it! This program is a la carte and for no definite amount of time.

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND SCHEDULING FOLLOW UP CONSULTATION CALLS. As a Conquer customer you are entitled to special pricing for these calls at just $97 per call after the initial lab work and consultation call has taken place.

Your plan will cover Diet, Rest, Exercise, Supplements, and Stress Reduction.

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We understand this is a commitment, and we want you to know the POWER of making a large investment in yourself both emotionally and financially for your health. It truly is an important part of this process - in our experience, the clients who invest the most financially also invest the most mentally, physically, and emotionally. They also often see the best results because they see the value in this work and they are ALL IN.

However, if you are in need of a payment plan or other payment options in order to participate please email to discuss how we can make this work for you! Harmony truly wants to provide options for everyone who’s ready and willing to put in the work to HEAL so send her an email.

*Price of labs and supplements are not included and will be discussed after completion of the intake form during your initial consultation. Must have access to working internet or phone as calls are conducted live via Zoom or telephone. I, Harmony Patton, am not a doctor. This is a health building program and as such I cannot guarantee any results. Please check with your doctor before beginning any new health building program including but not limited to: diet, supplements, or exercise.