The Unchained CEO

4 month mastermind + 1:1 intensive beginning 5/6/19


dear beautiful ambitious woman,

What does UNCHAINED mean to you?

Freedom from fatigue so intense it hurts to be awake?

Freedom from the dread of what pain and discomfort your day has in store?

Freedom from intense hormonal mood swings and depression?

Freedom from how impossible it feels to get out of bed in the morning?

Freedom to stop constantly snapping at your partner & kids?

Freedom to have passionate steamy sex again?

Freedom to run your business the way you WANT and still have time and energy to go to the park with your family?

Freedom to go for that scary next level promotion and know you’ve got what it takes?

Freedom to step into your next level life?

What about the freedom to achieve at a level that feels totally unattainable right now because you’re honestly on the brink of burnout?

Would freedom from any of those things make you feel a heaviness lift off your shoulders?

If the answer is yes… Then keep reading.

unchained ceo.png

Being an ambitious woman with health issues is no easy feat.

It’s like you’re constantly at war within yourself between the part of you who so eagerly wants to grow and achieve and feel successful and the part of you who is mentally, physically, and emotional exhausted.

Because of this, you’re pushing and slaying as a CEO but everything else has gone to shit.

Wtf is work life balance?

You’re not even sure if you can keep going at the rate because you are MAXED THE FUCK OUT.


You’ve pushed yourself to the brink of burnout and you cannot continue like this.

I know it wasn’t intentional.

You didn’t mean to just drink coffee all day while skipping your meals but you did.

You didn’t mean to eat like shit and make yourself feel physically ill, but you did.

You did'n’t mean to grind all day then have nothing left in the tank for your partner let alone any sexy time.

You didn’t mean to be an ass hole to your kids, but you were.

You didn’t mean to be sedentary all day working at your laptop - but you did!

I mean, shit! You’re a powerful PASSIONATE and AMBITIOUS, boss and you’ve got shit to do and places to be!

You LOVE your work. It is your baby who drives you crazy but also makes your heart swell with pride. And that is amazing.

Here’s the thing though.

You need balance.

I know you want to take your business to the next level, you want to have more sex and actually have fun with your kids and maybe even feel good when you wake up in the mornings all the way until bedtime.

And it is possible - yes, even with challenges it IS possible.

But in order to have all these things you’ve got to uncover, address, and heal the underlying forces that are driving these symptoms in your body. That’s right. It’s not all in your mind, you’re not flawed or doing something wrong, your body is battling against your lifestyle and habits. This means healing both physically and mentally.

I’m here to help with that.

In my practice I take a WHOLE body approach with my clients and ask “how did we get here in the first place?”. How did we get to a place where we become susceptible to these things and how can we now reverse engineer this and find space for healing?

Every single woman who comes into my space goes through a unique and full health rebuilding protocol that is tailored 100% to them and their life.

Using functional lab work, I uncover the stressors that are HIDING inside your body and wreaking havoc on your life and business.

The ones you would’ve never even known were affecting you let alone known that you need to heal from.

I do not chase symptoms. I do not diagnose. I am not a doctor.

I am a functional practitioner and I work holistically to get you where you want to go in life.

My addressing what is physically and mentally holding you back, you open up and allow space for so many new and amazing things in your life. A full health rebuilding program will ALWAYS touch your entire life because you are at the center of your life so my investing in and bettering yourself, you can only see that multiply and amplify all around you.

Which means that an investment in YOUrself is in fact an investment in your BUSINESS.

I know you’re driven. I know your dreams feel bigger than yourself sometimes and slowing down to learn new habits or invest in yourself might feel uncomfortable or even extra at times.

But YOU are of the utmost importance.

Without your health you have nothing. Ask anyone who has long functionality due to health issues. Or even think to your own sick days. Now imagine those days multiplying. You can’t be much of a lover, parent, or bad ass CEO from that space now can you?

You matter. You matter the most.

Let’s get you understanding whats happening in your body, then work on healing and feeling better so you can conquer the damn world!

Keep reading to see if this mastermind + 1:1 intensive is right for you…


who is this for?


this is for you if you are:

  • An ambitious AF Woman on the brink of burnout.

  • You are married to your work in the best way but it is leaving you completely depleted and fatigued.

  • Ready to take your life to the next level.

  • Receiving and making money - but it’s still not where you know it can be.

  • Wanting so badly to move forward but your health keeps pulling you back down.

  • You don’t know what’s going on with you but you do not feel okay anymore.

  • You’re so ready to understand what’s happening in your body and begin to actually heal.

  • Ready to own the fuck out of your habits in order to create your next level life.

  • You’re ready to take responsibility and do the work required to heal.

  • You’re just done with the bull shit cycle of symptoms chasing and trial & error - it’s time to figure out whats happening and really do something about this.

  • You don’t want to do it alone.



  • Not driven or ambitious.

  • Not ready to receive the help you need in order to heal.

  • Looking for a quick fix or someone to chase symptoms with.

  • Not ready to change your diet or lifestyle.

  • Not willing or ready to make time for your health.

  • Only kind of sort of committed to making your life better.

  • Unwilling to let go of your old habits.

  • Unwilling to try new things or challenge your own beliefs around things like time, food, rest, stress, money, and lifestyle.

  • Not excited about taking your life the the next level!


What the unchained ceo entails

To put it SUPER DUPER simply:

It’s a 4 month Mastermind (group program) with custom 1:1 parts included. Starting on May 6th 2019.

  • You’ll get 4 functional lab tests done (sent through the mail & paid for directly to the lab).

  • I’ll craft your personal D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® protocol

  • You’ll schedule your 1:1 2hr Results & Recommendations Session to review your lab results + get your protocol

  • You’ll order your supplements then have a 30min call to review them once received.

  • You’ll have access to me on Voxer in between appointments (a walkie talkie app)

  • Weekly Voxer checkins in addition to the access mentioned above

  • You’ll be in a private Facebook group and Voxer group chat with your Mastermind sisters

  • You’ll get on a weekly Mastermind Call with me + everyone else - to learn + connect

  • You’ll also schedule an additional 1:1 call per month (4 total)

Okay let’s breakdown some more details now shall we?


I created this Mastermind aspect because the people you surround yourself with are POWERFUL. When you surround yourself with likeminded women on a similar journey to your own, it not only provides friendship and support, but it also provides a new profound space for challenge, accountability, and growth. I have created this space to facilitate each of your transformations and truly to help on your healing journey.

In this Mastermind you will:

  • Connect to other highly ambitious women

  • Learn new about HOW we got here in the first place so it never happens again

  • Engage and energize

  • Establish new habits and routines

  • Create accountability and friendship

  • Biweekly Mastermind Training + Deep Dives











1:1 intensive

I had to have a 1:1 element to this Mastermind because this is your opportunity and time to have my ear as your practitioner and have my full undivided attention. These sessions get deep very quickly and get right into providing knowledge, homework, tools for your unique situation, breaking your mindset patterns, and reevaluating your habits to name just a few. Ultimately it’s a chance for me to look closely over your case, make any tweaks that need to be made to your protocol, and make sure everything is going smoothly for you. It’s your chance to open up and go deep. This gives us a chance to connect on a deeper level and really work to progress your case forward in a positive direction.

  • 45min On boarding Call

  • 2hr Results & Recommendations (R+R) Session to review your lab results + go over your protocol

  • 30min Supplement Call

  • Monthly 1hr Intensive Calls (4 total)


investment options

One payment of $5,000

four payments of $1,250

or to chat first: schedule a complementary call!

Lab fees are not included and must be paid directly to the lab with your samples for processing.









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Are you ready to take back your health and up level your life?