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I work with ambitious women who KNOW they’re meant for more.

Women with purpose who feel stuck in their current reality.

Their deep soulful dreams feel unattainable.


this is what i have to offer for clients in my practice.

My healing approach encompasses MIND, BODY, AND SOUL.

As humans we are whole intuitive beings and we cannot separate one part of your being from another. They all work together in harmony either for or against your healing.

As a Certified FDN Practitioner and soul healer it’s my mission to serve women who’s current reality has been holding them back from reaching their true potential.

Because I know how hopeless that can be.

So I take a different approach with my clients.

I ask “how did we get here in the first place?”

I look at the whole body using both functional lab work and you as an individual to uncover the underlying factors to your symptoms so that you can finally start to feel better and be able to step into the wholeness of YOU.

Instead of just chasing down symptoms and throwing random solutions at the problem, I instead look into your mind, body, and SOUL to get to the root of it all.

Your current reality does NOT define you.

Only you can do that.

So, the only real question is…

Are you ready to connect to your soul and discover your truest self?