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How to have a GOOD Morning!

.Well when you write a super stellar blog post with great info and you lose the whole thing... Sometimes you decide to write a random blog post just to make yourself feel a little bit better. And sometimes the post that started off as a random post actually takes on a bigger purpose and meaning, yay! This is that post.

So I want to start by saying that I'm sorry for being a bit MIA this month.

You know how when there's something that you're supposed to do (like write a specific blog post on a specific topic) then it makes you not want to do it at all even though it's typically something you enjoy doing? No? Well anyway that's what the post I just lost was for me. It felt like pulling teeth to get myself to sit down and write it, and I had finally done so...

But I will rewrite it again at some point but today is not that day. Everything happens for a reason so I'm honeslty not even upset about it! GAH there are so many exciting things happening in my life and business I just want to share them ALL!

Life has been kind of crazy recently! 

It's been good. It's been great. But it's also been crazy! First I'd like to just mention - how in the hell is it already October, and almost 2017!? The fact that my September bday already came and went this year is blowing my mind. Less than 90 days til we're at a new year again. That's scary! What are you planning? I know I'm circling back to some goals I set for the year and trying to stay true to the word I assigned for 2016 - and that was GROWTH.

With growth in mind - I wanted to write this blog post about my morning routine and how it has really transformed things for me in a BIG WAY. It might even help you to incorporate some, if not ALL of these habits into you life! Proceed with an open mind and believe me when I say that I was never a morning person before. In fact I would roll out of bed after snoozing my alarm for about an hour and reluctantly go on with my day, usually pissed off that I had to adult in some way shape or form.

So on to the purpose of this post! My morning routine to balance hormones, improve digestion, and start every day with true PURPOSE

1. Oil Pulling

Yep I know it sounds weird. I literally roll out of bed every morning, pee, and then put about a tablespoon of coconut oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, or castor oil in my mouth! Oil pulling is an ancient Indian practice of swishing oil in your mouth for up to 20 minutes! You can start with about 5 minutes, and daily try to work your way up to 20. I'll give some more details on this below. I like to multitask while I'm oil pulling - sometimes I get dressed and organized for my day, and sometimes I have dance parties as my snapchat followers can attest to, it just depends on the day!


Oil pulling improves digestion by detoxifying the area where our digestion starts: the mouth. Not only do you pull toxins from your mouth into the oil, but it also stimulates your mucous response and typically when you spit it out, you end up spitting out some phlegm. Gross I know, but even when I'm not sick or congested that stuff comes out - and I'd much rather get it out of my body then have it sitting in there - gross! This reduces inflammation, aids digestion, and whitens teeth - all things that are good on their own, but in the grand scheme of things they will also help clear your acne!!


Put one of the oil listed above in your mouth. You must do this on an empty stomach or it might make you throw up a little when you spit it out. Swish around for ideally 20 minutes, but work your way up to it starting with 5-10 minutes at first. Do not swallow the oil. By the end of 20 minutes the oil will be filled with toxins, mucous, and particles from your mouth. You will spit this out into a trashcan and not your skin - because that will clog your sink in no time! Immediately after spitting out the oil and getting out some mucous, you'll want to brush your teeth!

2. Tooth Powder

Yes, it's true. I brush my teeth with tooth powder! Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn! I thought it was weird at first but I actually like it a lot personally. There are a lot of different ones on the market these days but I can't really speak to those - my personal favorite is by Dr. Christopher that you can find on amazon HERE   not only is it a great price, but it's a great product and lasts forever! 


By using this herbal tooth powder you're mouth is getting cleaner than it does with conventional toothpaste and without all the chemicals! Enough said I think! Oh also if you're breaking out around your mouth - your toothpaste is likely the culprit! I was always told to put toothpaste on pimples as a teen - it never worked - and the reason I now know is because BAKING SODA that used to be in toothpaste and isn't really anymore, can help pimples. Anyway....


I hope you know how to brush your teeth.. Wet tooth brush, dip into powder, and brush in circular motion. Rinse and repeat if you so desire!

3. Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

Okay.... so a few things here before I get into the nitty gritty... First off - and my clients all know this - I typically recommend doing the OCM in the evenings in order to take off any makeup, and just wiping your face down with a damp towel in the morning and or spritzing with some topical probiotics OR some natural toner. This is accurate - HOWEVER since I no longer wear makeup on my skin daily and I typically do some kinda face rinse midday after a workout, I honestly don't "wash" my face before bed often. I will say that when I have done OCM the night before then I won't do it in the morning - I do it once a day and that's it - again unless makeup is somehow involved then it very rarely happens twice in a day. Another thing I'd like to mention is that I often do this WHILE I'm Oil Pulling to save time! I can't officially recommend this because it takes some practice and I don't want people choking on oil because they tried to multitask. Plus it isn't necessary in any way - but it's a time saving trick nonetheless!


 Depending on the oil you use you will see different benefits! Oils actually carry a lot of great nutrients in them for our skin! One of my faves for OCM is Grapeseed oil which has oleic acid that's wonderful for skin health, it's non comedogenic (doesn't clog pores), restores collagen, reduces scars, fights aging, helps acne, tightens skin, helps with those dark circles around your eyes, a ton of other things. PLUS contrary to popular "conventional" belief, oil actually cleans oil - it doesn't clog you pores. However, I'll say if you're switching from conventional face wash or especially prescription grade face wash then you're skin will have to adjust to the new routine. You could start by just using grapeseed oil as a moisturizer after your cleanser and progress from there! This could take a few weeks, or even up to a month or so. But in the long run it is totally worth it! Just take it slow and let your skin adjust! There's no rush!


Pour about a quarter size of oil into the palm or your hand and take some time to really massage the oil into your skin. It's like getting a facial at home! I like to massage it in circular motions for 10-20 seconds making sure I get every spot including my neck. Then take a warm, clean, moist hand towel and set it on your face for about 10-30 seconds to allow the oil to be absorbed into your skin. Make sure the towel is NOT hot. Just warm. After about 10-30 seconds use the same towel to wipe the oil off your face thoroughly, and then rinse the towel and you're done! It feels soooo good! In the evenings (when I wear makeup) I end up doing OCM twice in a row. I use grape seed oil to take off my makeup with the method above, then with a new towel I use Fatco to cleanse my face. More often than not I only end up using the Fatco oil in the mornings (it has grapeseed oil in it) which you can find HERE. And in all honesty I'm kind of obsessed with the "oily skin" Fatco face cleansing oil!! You should def give it a try!

4. Morning Tonic

There are many different things you can drink as your morning tonic, but this is the mixture that I not only can tolerate, but I actually enjoy it! Feel free to mix it up, and also take it slow! Start off with just a small amount of Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) around 1tsp and in time you can work your way up to about 2 tbs! But beware, depending on what's going on in your gut and how much you drink, it can make you feel nauseous!


I'm sure you've heard all about the magic that is ACV. It's said to lower cholesterol, help you lose weight, regulate blood sugars, heal leaky gut, aid in digestion, break down mucus, so on and so forth! But the reason I find it particularly beneficial is because it contains organic acids and enzymes that help to balance Ph in your gut and creates an environment where probiotics can grow and flourish. This is HUGE! Probiotics are essential for gut health and gut health is essential for really every single aspect of your life far beyond just eating and eliminating food. I believe it was Hippocrates that said "all disease starts in the gut". No matter what ails you, I guarantee that you need to work on healing some leaky gut issues! Also if you suffer at all from acid reflux (which I did severely for years) then it can help again to balance the Ph and acids in your stomach and therefore aid in breaking down your foods in digestion, AND nutrient absorption. SO if all that isn't reason enough for you then I don't know what else to tell you. But I'd say this is pretty important!


I like to have this in the morning 20 minutes before eating. I usually shoot it, then drink some water & tea, then eat. Mix your desired amount of ACV (1TSP - 2TBSP) with one half a juice of lemon, some water, and I like to add a dash of ground ginger, turmeric, & cinnamon! You can also add some manuka honey if you'd like, or slightly heat up some water for the same concoction if you're dealing with candida. But make sure the water isn't boiling or too hot as that will kill those delicate enzymes in the ACV! Again I recommend having your breakfast about 20 minutes later! You can also do this during the day 10-20 minutes before any meal! Below is my YouTube video with the recipe & method as well!

5. Life S.A.V.E.R.S

I got this directly from the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I recommend you get this book ASAP as it has transformed not only my mornings, but really my life in general. I got it on audiobook, but the paperback is great as well! You can find it on amazon HERE. Also once you read it you'll know what I mean - but if anyone wants to do a 30 day MM challenge with me I'm seriously always looking for people to do it with in order to help hold me accountable! I do the actual S.A.V.E.R.S just about everyday, but I don't always manage to wake up at 5. The truth is though, I honestly feel my absolute BEST when I do! Seriously, if you skip everything else I recommended in this blog post, PLEASE do not skip this one! It is truly a life changing practice!


I mean where can I start....??? I feel more motivated, I feel centered, I'm aligned with my purpose and my vision, I feel productive, my dreams and goals are clearer, I am able to manifest and pour energy into the places I want energy to flow in my life, and I honestly finally feel like I'm tapping into my true potential. I know that's a lot, and I can't make a promise that you'll feel the same way, or that you'll even feel good about it at first. But I swear, it's SO worth it!


S - Silence or meditation. A - Affirmations. V - Visualization, I like to turn on a visualization radio station on Pandora and it really helps me to focus in on what I want to visualize. E - Exercise, I usually save this for the end. R - Reading, I always read a Personal Development, business, or self help book. My current favorite is Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins which you can find HERE. S - Scribe or journal. I sometimes use this time to write out my goals for the day, sometimes I just gather my thoughts, and sometimes I just vent about everything and sort out my feelings and emotions. You can do each activity for 1 minute each if you're short on time, or you can do 10 - 20 minutes on each thing which is my fav! If you want more resources for this book and what its all about click HERE. I highly recommend finding a spot to do these daily activities that is NOT your bed! For instance I have a little window nook where I do them, and it's my favorite spot in my house! I've added pillows, and often my little puppy Addy will join me! 

I absolutely LOVE my little nook and having a place the automatically puts me in a good mood is a good thing also! Okay so that's all for today folks! I hope this post helps you with creating an empowering morning routine you can stick to in order to optimize your health!

I swear, it may not seem important, but how your morning goes can really set the tone for your day. So don't start it off by breaking promises you made to yourself, or running around stressed and pissed because you had to wake up and leave you bed at all! Trust me I get it, I love my bed, but I love having a full and flowing life even more! You deserve to have  GOOD morning also!!!!

As always, please like, comment, and share this post if you found it helpful or think it might help others in any way! It allows me to expand my reach, help more people, and you never know how something like this could change someones life! Leave any questions in the comments section also ya'll!

xoxo- Harmony


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Third Time's the Charm


Third times supposed to be the charm right? Well I can’t say that’s true for everything since sometimes the first times perfect and who knows maybe the third is your worst attempt yet! That may indeed be the case with this post as I feel a strong lack of direction already. But hey… Here’s to hoping *raises cup of tea towards screen* Last week must've been a rather eventful week for me because I’ve found myself wanting to write a new blog post daily… But I’m trying to space them out a bit and leave at least a day or two between posts!! No one wants to read this much stuff coming out of my brain and I’m okay with that. I’m not sure if I mentioned in earlier posts but a few weekends ago I was out of town in NC with some of my lady friends and we participated in a fun bachelorette party with sunburns, ocean water, hot tubs, drinking -lots of it- some good ol ‘never have I ever’ and skinny dipping. All in all it was a great weekend despite the fact that I was actually not really looking forward to it beforehand. Sometimes my brain gets in a funk and I just have to deal with it and move on.

Moving on… Before leaving for the trip I had the bottoms of my hair highlighted a lighter blonde to create an ombre effect. I love how it turned out! This is one of the few ways I still use chemicals… (plus perfume and eye makeup) I get my hair professionally colored. Typically this is all dandy but with being at the beach and having all sorts of sun and waters drying out my hair I wanted to add some moisture back into it. So I put coconut oil in my hair. If you ‘no poo’ let me just say DON’T PUT OILS IN YOUR HAIR. I have yet to have a good experience with putting oils in my hair while no pooing because it doesn’t freaking wash out. You’ll have oily ass hair for days. DAYS I SAY! I promise I have a point behind this… I was walking around with hair that looked almost wet yet dry at the same time and gosh my hair felt gross…. At least to me. I didn’t exactly ask other people to touch it so who knows what they would think. ANYWAY I whipped out my hand dandy laptop and googled some oil free hair masks that are compatible with no pooing. And this blog is what I found: ALMOST EXACTLY.

I decided to go with the one containing ingredients I already had on hand… That’s avocado, ripe banana,  raw honey, and ACV. I drew a bath with Epsom salts (I do this almost every night before bed to get a dose of magnesium and relax) while putting the goop in my hair. It smelled pretty gross and looked quite yucky as well… As you can see below...


But hey I want nice hair so I’m willing to make the sacrifice. Get ready to see a lot of pictures of my face… And hair. Since I documented my step by step process in pictures! Get excited.

My yucky 'before mask' hair

close up of the texture....

I started at the roots and worked it through all my hair.

Then I secured my mask saturated hair in a bun using a regular hair tie.

Then came the shower cap! I hopped in the bath for 20 mins before rinsing.

I sat in the bath watching The League for about 20mins than proceeded to RINSE the mask out of my hair per the instructions. I repeat: rinse. I rinsed for about 15mins or so just to make sure I got all of the goop out. I towel dried my hair and went to bed. When I woke up I quickly realized that I wouldn’t be able to wear my hair down until I no pooed again so I just put it in a nifty little fishtail braid. I can post later on how to do these but there are a bunch of great YouTube tutorials like this one you can watch to learn! That’s what I did a few years ago! Regardless, in my opinion I THINK this might have worked better if I had no pooed afterwards which I obviously didn't realize. But my hair could just be defective too. Totally possible.

Fishtail Braid

And finally after doing bikram three times, Rinsing my hair twice and no pooing twice, these are my results… My hair does feel softer which is nice. I just wish the softness had come sooner like right after I performed this (kinda yucky) hair treatment… But hey now I know for the next time!

My coworkers took me out to a late birthday lunch at coastal flats on Tuesday (9/9/14) so it’s too bad my hair didn’t look ballin then. But I’ll survive I think. The food was delicious- I got a goat cheese and pecan salad and added rare tuna steak to it. SO YUM! I didn’t catch a picture because the lighting was terrible, my bad guys. I think there have been enough pictures in this post anyway. Lastly, Addy cakes got a bath:


And guess what? Addy no poo’s ALSO! That’s right… I use baking soda and ACV to clean my dog and her coat is freaking fantastic. Helps with itchiness and is a flea repellant also. That’s a win, win, win, win I think. No chemicals for me, no chemicals for my dog…. At least as much as I can…

Okie too much rambles here, I hope you found this post somewhat entertaining and/or helpful! Now on to greener pastures…. Speaking of green pastures and fermented cod-liver oil (the two things are synonymous in my mind) I think I might write about supplements next…! We’ll see where my brain takes us! But don't hold me to it!

Xo Harmony!

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