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THRIVE is an Intensive 3 Month 1:1 Coaching Program DOORS CLOSING 3/20/19. This is the LAST round of this program offering. Your last chance to get in!

Thrive is for the busy woman who has been working hard and doing all of the things but is secretly struggling to up level because health issues and acne keep getting in the way.

You are a woman who is ready to step up, ready to heal, ready to break through your barriers and unleash the real you inside. This is your sign. This is the universe calling your name. This is meant for YOU. You deserve this and deep down inside you know that you do.

We’ll be working together for 3 months of coaching that will give you the knowledge, habits, and tools for a lifetime of health and happiness!

You’ll learn to reconnect to your truest self and tap into your body’s own healing ability through dietary, mindset, and lifestyle changes. We support all of your efforts with targeted supplementation and weekly calls to not only keep your actions on track but to keep your heart in the game.

If this is speaking to you, then this is FOR you. I created this for you because I’ve been there. Desperate to break through but for some reason just unable to do so. You’re a high level woman who wants nothing more than to feel whole again in health and wealth.

If you’re feeling scared right now… GOOD! You’re in the right fucking place babe. It means you care enough about your life to actually make things happen and I’m here for it with you.

Your plan will include a customized Diet, Rest, Exercise, Supplements, Stress Reduction, and Topical plan in addition to weekly 1:1 video calls with Harmony throughout the program period.

PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE! To learn more and talk to Harmony, click HERE!

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We understand this is a commitment, and we want you to know the POWER of making a large investment in yourself both emotionally and financially for your health. It truly is an important part of this process - in our experience, the clients who invest the most financially also invest the most mentally, physically, and emotionally. They also often see the best results because they see the value in this work and they are ALL IN.

However, if you are in need of a payment plan or other payment options in order to participate please email to discuss how we can make this work for you! Harmony truly wants to provide options for everyone who’s ready and willing to put in the work to HEAL so send her an email.

*Price of labs and supplements are not included and will be discussed after completion of the intake form during your initial consultation. Must have access to working internet or phone as calls are conducted live via Zoom or telephone. I, Harmony Patton, am not a doctor. This is a health building program and as such I cannot guarantee any results. Please check with your doctor before beginning any new health building program including but not limited to: diet, supplements, or exercise.