everyone elses life seems so much better than yours

But what if you could actually be happy right now without a huge change?


Not “once I make more money”

or “once I get that boob job”

or “once I have clear skin”

or “once I have that dream relationship”

Happiness could be yours right now but you don’t believe it.

you find yourself wishing you could live as someone else… anyone else.

The life of someone who is happy.

The life of someone who’s shit just works out for them the way you WISH it did for you.

But you’re just not lucky like that. Shit doesn’t work out that way for you now does it?

How many times have YOU wished your were living anyone else's life but your own?

When is the last time you were HAPPY just because?

You try to make things better, you try so damn hard to make your life more like what you dream, but it never seems to happen.

It’s such a heavy burden sometimes… Being this person.

Being YOU.

You want it so desperately.


But at this point you’ve failed so many times at any kind of long term changes that it honestly doesn’t even feel possible anymore.

at least, that’s one of your stories.

That’s the thing about stories - they feel SO REAL because they are based in partial reality.

But the real truth?

Most of them are actually complete bull shit like….

You’re just an unhappy person, you always have been and you always will be.

No one will ever truly love you because you’re unlovable.

Even as a young girl you were never as happy as you felt you should be. Nothing was EVER quite right.
And while those statements may be partially true, you know deep down inside that they’re not 100% true.

Despite it all, you still have hope and you keep fighting for your turn at happiness.

You have a flame burning inside your soul that refuses to extinguish. It’s almost been snuffed more times than you can count, but it’s there. And that is why you don’t give up even when things feel so damn hopeless. But you keep going.

That flame still burns.


It’s your soul. It’s your life.

It’s your story asking to be reclaimed.

The time is now.

In this course we dig deep into the WHY behind what you do, who you are, and how you go here.

Then I teach you HOW to overcome your old obstacles, your old beliefs, and your old stories.

It’s why you’ve struggled so much.

Why change literally feels impossible.

Why you never stick to anything.

Why you’re not the person you want to be, the person you know you can be.

Why you just haven’t gotten there yet.

And why you don’t feel happy even when you “should” be.

It’s your life story.

And it’s time to come unwritten.


who is this for?



  • You’re ready to understand yourself

  • Want to make real sustainable change

  • Sick of feeling completely stuck and unhappy

  • D O N E with living life the way you have been

  • You’ve tried and failed to make your life better and to be happy so many times but it hasn’t happened yet

  • You don’t know what else you can do to make things better

  • You don’t believe in yourself but you’re willing to try

  • Deep inside you know you’re meant for more and you are ready to make it REAL!




  • You’re not ready to explore your own stories and beliefs.

  • Looking for a quick fix without doing your part.

  • Not willing to make time for yourself.

  • Wanting to stay exactly where you are exactly as you are.

  • Not excited about stepping into and finally being a happier YOU!


What unwritten:the course entails

To put it simply:


It’s a 4 Module Course to rewrite the story of your life & begin claiming your happiness NOW.

There is a full workbook, video, and audio for the course.

Expect to do a lot of journaling and set aside about an hour a day fo this work!

module 1: Your Life, Your Story.

Module 2: Your Mind, Your Thoughts, Your Patterns.

Module 3: Your Perception, Your Reality.

module 4: Your Choice.

Each module is designed to take your understanding further and deeper by opening up your mind to your heart.






You ready for this?