Here We Gooooo


I'm suffering from writers block and a lack of creativity big time. I've started writing multiple blog posts but they just haven't been "working". I hope to finish those up (they have some recipes and a bunch of fun tid bits so keep an eye out for those!) and get them posted but right now I just feel like I NEED to put something new out there. Sometimes life gets like this... We get into slumps, go down dark paths, or we just go slightly off course and sometimes we just feel lazy and don't care. At the end of August I was at a place where I was on my A game with my diet. This has been a very healthy and successful summer for me! I had completed two 21DSD's almost 2 months in a row, plus a 30 day bikram yoga challenge. I was going to bed early and getting epic amount of sleep. I was trying SO hard, making so much effort... Keeping my house super clean, just all over all around being really freaking productive. Really. Anyway, apparently along with the beginning of this blog and my birthday I've kind let that go a bit. I've been eating sugar again (not in large amounts but STILL), i've been drinking again (also not in large amount but STILL), which are both bad for my insulin regulation. Tisk tisk on me. I've been eating gluten free items instead of grain free far too often and generally I just have been lazy. Too lazy to write a full blown creative and witty blog post. Too lazy to do any cleaning at home beyond the basics... Too lazy to do much beyond watching Netflix in the evenings and going to and from work. Oh yes then there's work. Work has been CRAZY busy. I feel like I've been working nonstop and at the end of the day guess what? I still have more work to do. I do have some really amazing coworker friends whom I LOVE! They make it all so much better, but still work is work. This post is in no way meant to be taken as a complaint or anything like that. I am a happy person, and I do honestly love my life. I just really honestly felt like I needed to get SOMETHING out there on this blog before it dies. I don't want it to die. I like what I've started here and I hope to continue and grow it. For now I can honestly say that I am so happy I took the time out to write this. I'm happy to get something out of my brain onto electronic paper. It feel good. It feels right. So thank you my fictitious readers for existing in a way that I need you to today. In a way that I can rely on.

Thank you thank you.

Hugs and loves- Harmony

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