Black Friday & Cyber Weekend Deals + Coupon Codes!

Wadddduupppp ya'll!!!

First & foremost HAPPY GILMORE GIRLS DAY! I want you to know that I love ya'll SO much that I paused Gilmore Girls in order to bring you this post.... I mean seriously that is saying a lot. Gilmore Gilrs is life and makes me so happy and I've actually talked a lot about it back in my older blog posts from years ago! I tried to have a big fun viewing party thing along with friendship black Friday shopping but alas my friends were not available and clearly I couldn't wait....

Anyway.... On to the important stuff!

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving and I am loving seeing all of your amazing creations over on IG & FB so keep on tagging me so I can share them with others and inspire them to make healthier choices!

I'm sharing some coupon codes available exclusively for my followers!

Some of the coupon codes are standard also, but hey at least I got some good ones for you!

At this point I think all my friends know that I love to shop. But it's more than that. I'm a total bargain shopper and I will almost never buy anything at full price. True story. So sales & sales weekends like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, & Cyber Monday not only excite me, but helping my friends, family, and followers enjoy the same deals, perks, and benefits just makes my day! Also I do want to really encourage you guys to shop small this year! There are a lot of us out there (myself included) who are trying to make a living by following their passions! In order to do that we need to make an income!

But it's not just about me. It's so important that we show the people we love that we support them. And I can't tell you how much even a tiny purchase means to someone who is just starting out or owns a small business. Literally every single tiny purchase means the world, so I encourage you to support the brand you love with your dollar so they can keep bringing you the content you love so much!

Again that's not just about me - I'm referring to all the blogs and brand out there that provide so much free content on a daily basis! They're investing in you and I know your support means the world to each and every one of them! Much more then it'll mean to a big ass corporation!

On that note I have to tell you again that I would never recommend anything to you that I don't fully back and haven't at least tried or used myself. I don't take the position I'm in lightly and I want you to know that no matter how much I "benefit" from something you purchase, I would never recommend something unless I absolutely loved it myself. I'll always give you my honest opinion so that you can make an informed decision that works for your life!

With that being said, I do need to survive & I am still working to build a sustainable business! So your support is genuinely SO appreciated! Honestly guys. It means the friggin world to me. Like about to blubbery cry type of means the world... I just hope that my content can help to make your lives easier and better!

Some of the links and discount codes below will hep me! Def not all by any means, but some of them! You're going to pay that EXACT same price no matter what. But some of the links below are affiliate links meaning that when you purchase from my link instead of a link off of google, I will make a small commission essentially as a "referral". If that makes you uncomfortable then that's okay too. You can type it into google and use to normal site link instead of mine!

With that being said, I want to tell you again just how much I appreciate your support in any and every capacity. Nothing I do would be possible without you - so THANK YOU!

I genuinely think you guys are awesome!

I also wanted to share with you some specific items and sales going on today that I think are super worth checking out! There are a lot out there and I'll update as the days go on and I find more deals! So let's get right to it! 

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, & Cyber Monday Deals! PLUS The Paleo Ballerina follower exclusive discount codes!

Amazon - Instant Pot!! I know I have talked a lot about this instant pot and for good reason! It makes eating Paleo so much easier and it's honestly just amazing! And this price is just holy wow!

Beautycounter - FREE Lip Sheer! Okay so this one isn't so much that it's dirt cheap BUT you can get a free lip sheer (and possibly body oil) with your qualifying purchase!! This is where I get my non toxic foundation from that actually doesn't break me out, thank God!!! It took me forever to find one I actually like. AND I bought a ton of holiday gifts from here in the forms of charcoal cleansing bars, charcoal masks, & eye shadow palates! Everything is non toxic!

Kasandrinos - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 20% off! CODE: turkey20 I know I talk about this EVOO ALL the time and that's for good reason!!!! This Olive Oil is genuinely amazing, not only in taste but also in quality. Amazing for you, TOTALLY worth it and this sale is awesome!

Teami Teas - BOGO Detox Teas! CODE: PALEOBF okay so BOGO is always good obvi so I don't think I need to explain much there - but as far as these teas go?? They're baller! I have a bigger blog post coming about them soon since I'm starting their 30 day tea detox myself shortly and I want you guys to follow along the experience but in the mean time head on over to the website and take advantage of the DEALS!

Primal Palate - 10% off! CODE: Thanks10 They have some AMAZING organic spice blends and bundles! All non GMO and totally paleo friendly! I especially am a fan of the AIP spice blends since those can be a bit harder to find and create!!

Fatco - 20% off! No code needed on this one! But I can't tell you enough just how much I love their 'oily skin' cleansing oil for OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) and I'm also obsessed with all of their Myrrh products like the face oil, and the body butta! Each item is amazing quality, so good for your skin, AND they last foreverrrrrrrr! This is a great sale so you'll def wanna hop on it! (PS I do not recommend their deodorant... It doesn't work very well IMO)

Dr. Axe - 20% off + free shipping! It's a great time to stock up on some leaky gut supplements and probiotics!! I especially love his leaky gut supplement along with the bone broth protein!!!!

Primal Pit Paste - Deodorant! I honestly love all of their deodorant! And they have a ton of great sales going on all weekend! Seriously they last forever but it's a great time to stock up regardless! Don't put chemicals into your body through your armpits, it's SO not worth it and this stuff actually works really well even through a workout! I pinky promise!

Morocco Method - Cyber Week Deals! They have a bunch of different deals going on so just head on over to their website to find healthy non toxic hair care!!! I wouldn't say they're the BEST deals.... But hey, something is better than nothing right?

Forever 21 - 70% off! Plus already amazing prices you guys. THIS IS AMAZING. Buy all the gifts plus stuff for yourself, andddddd amazing active wear for my workout, fitness friends! YAS!

TOMS - Sale + 10% off! I LOVE TOMS! There I said it!!! They have surprisingly great arch support which is a constant struggle for someone like me who has very high arches, and they're super cute! Okay so as far as the deal goes, what they did here was put a bunch of items at 25% off and then with CODE: TOMS10 you get an additional 10% off of your cart! Buy some amazing shoes AND give back?? Doesn't get much better then that! TOMS are the best! I already bought multiple Christmas gifts!

Farmstead Apothecary - 25% off! CODE: BLACKFRIDAY I wrote a huge blog post all about them not long ago so I'll spare you the details here, but deff check them out! I'm obsessed with their hand soap, & lip balms!

Beachbody - tons of items! There are a ton of different workout accessories on sale today including jump ropes, wrist weights, and some DVDs like Chalene Extreme (by my fav Chalene Johnson) which is a killer program and honestly a ton of other stuff!

AERIE - BOGO on bras, tees, & PJ pants! I am obsessed with comfy PJs. Period!

Victoria Secret - FREE Tote, FREE Slippers & More! I actually really love VS and not only for their baller push up bras! They have great workout gear, AMAZING pajamas (like seriously I'm obsessed) and the free totes are always amazing! For my dancer friends - they make GREAT ballet bags! And for my fitness friends - they make for great gym or workout bags!

Kohls - Towels! They have an amazing deal on towels and a ton of other household staples! It's a perfect time to stock up but it's all time sensitive so hurry ya'll!

Hot Topic - $10 tees! YES if you're especially a fan of things like Harry Potter then you can get some amazing tshirts, also so many great gift options ya'll! Get on it this is time sensitive!

MY PROGRAM DEALS!!! Use code: THANKS15 to get 15% off site wide! YAY! I am even doing 15% off of my Try It My Way program BUT in a limited quantity! You do have to apply for the program, but this sale is going to go all the way through the end of November so we'll have time to hop on a call & get you all ready to go at the best price all year! I'm only doing a limited quantity sale so don't delay!! I also have a giveaway coming to FB soon so keep an eye out for that!

I don't know about you but I'm planning to get ALL of my holiday shoping done this weekend! I try to do this every year and I swear it's the best feeling ever to get it all done and over with before the December shopping mayhem!!!

Now it's time for me to get back to Gilmore Girls & eat some leftover Paleo pie!!!

Happy shopping everyone!!!! <3

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