Diet Bet & Current Body Update

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I have another post in the works on my 2016 recap, review, whatever you have it. BUT as of right now I want to talk to you guys about getting healthy and fit in 2017!! Yippieeee!!!

Specifically I want to talk to you guys a little bit about where I'm at currently fitness wise, AAAANNDDDD obviously (based on the title) about this thing called a Diet Bet!

The idea behind a diet bet (it's a legit website and everything) is to put up or "bet" some money that goes into a pot. You sign up for a diet bet usually with someone you know or a group of people. The website takes care of the details on that aspect. By putting up money you're betting to lose a certain amount of pounds (lbs) by a certain date. If you succeed in losing said lbs by said date, you get a cut of the pot and so does everyone else in your group that succeeds!

Kind of a cool idea right?

Except that a number on the scale is NOT an indicator or either health, or fitness.

I mean, if you're already moderately thin and fit and you start working out intending to lose weight, often times you'll lose body fat and inches, but not necessarily any weight! Sometimes you might even gain weight. True story. Fat takes up a lot more space in your body than muscle does. I'm sure you've seen this picture before:

fat v muscle.jpg

Right, so I think it goes without saying that you can lose fat and replace it with muscle and be smaller, but not necessarily WEIGH a much different amount.

Okay anyway.

Let's talk about MEEEE! (face palm)

So I think a lot of you know that I had been going with my husband to the gymmmm and it's been fun! I had kind of gotten off my at home workout game because I wasn't following a program (obviously my own fault) and even more so because I was ITCHING to use some heavier weights, a squat rack, and gym equipment!! I've been thinking about competing in 2017 which means even more that I need to get into the gym with some heavier weights and different ways to challenge my muscles.

So my husband got a gym membership at Planet Fitness (I talked quite a bit about that in my vlog) and I am now able to go with him as his guest fo free as often as I want to! Only problem is that my workout schedule became reliant on him. He was going super consistently though so it wasn't really a problem! Except for random scheduling issues that come up of course. But all in all once I started getting into my own groove at the gym I was feeling good!

Then we both got sick.

I worked out the first week while I was sick but then the second week into my cold Ernest got sick so we took the week off. Then the week after that was like an extension of a recovery week. Then scheduling conflicts AKA traveling & the last December holidays came up and we were not able to get our butts to the gym consistently AT ALL. I mean we still went here and there but as most of you know that doesn't do much in the ways of keeping you super fit.

Also am I the only one who gets embarrassed to workout in front of other people who aren't working out? Like I love working out in my living room or even in the gym because no one has to see me struggle & huff and puff and fail and if they do, then they're typically in the same position as me. For instance while staying in TX I was like man, I feel uncomfortable with being that person working out. And earlier in Summer 2016 while traveling I would go workout on the deck alone before everyone woke up so that people wouldn't see me. There's just SOMETHING awkward about working out while no one else is. I love working out with people, or alone. But I don't even know.... It's uncomfortable and I'm the idiot that sometimes uses that as an excuse (like I did in TX) to not workout at all. Oh well! Anyone else feel me on this?

Long story not so short, I've lightly worked out, taken walks, and done a bit of this and that here and there but dear lord without following a program and calendar I REALLY struggle with working out consistently or trusting myself with planning a workout for myself.. 

I think as most of you know, getting in a workout is really more of a mental game than a physical one and essentially I've been letting my lazy mind win.

On the PLUS side it's been great business wise. I've been feeling creative and putting ALL of my time into creating content for you guys! Exciting right? Except I can only go on without a concrete plan for so long. Which makes me really excited for what I'm starting TODAY.

I'm doing a two program hybrid that's going to allow me to both workout from home, AND get in those heavy pump sessions at the gym. Yippieeee! It's using the program Insanity Max 30 & Body Beast! It's sort f an every other day kinda thing, except I changed the design to include more lifting days than cardio (AKA Max 30) days. Today is day 1 so it's cardio challenge day!

Anyway it feel good to have a plan and calendar to follow again and I'm excited to move forward! If you want in on this madness just shoot me an email and I'll tell you how to get access to the program etc. There's actually an all access pass that Beachbody just came out with and it's AWESOME.

I just started browsing it tonight and I keep thinking that there must be something wrong because this deal is kind of too good. Like seriously.

It works like Netflix, except that it's for workouts. It's been around for a long time but before you only had access to programs you had previously purchased & a select few that were available to everyone. But now every program ever is available which is SO EXCITING!

I never purchased Body Beast or Insanity Max 30. But I can do both of them now because of this which just makes me super happy!

It's access to every Beachbody program that's EVER been released, PLUS access to every single new program that will be coming out this year in 2017 for $99. Like holy eff balls you guys that's insanely cheap and such a good deal. Way cheaper than any gym membership. 1 whole year for $99. I literally just can't even.

Okay sorry that wasn't the point of this post but I'm just excited!

Enough about me and my current fitness level, let me talk a little more about the Diet Bet and more importantly this very similar but IMO much better thing called a Health Bet! Oh and here's my current fitness level photos and will be my "before" photos since today is day 1:

Not my worst, but def not my best! OIE! Got some post holiday softness and I'm also pretty bloated at the moment from eating a little too much tuna salad today **insert eyes covered monkey emoji** for serious ya'll. I didn't gain any weight over the holidays because I ate well, in fact I lost weight thanks to my tea detox, but that bloat life today! Paleo Mayo makes me bloat but I love it and eat it anyway sometime because #treatyoself right? Plus it's healthy. My body just isn't the best with it. ANYWAY I'll probably look a lot less swollen tomorrow, But it's ALL good regardless! For reference I'm 5'7 & I weigh 131lbs.  My shorts are an XS from Under Armor and the sports bra is a S from Victoria Secret. I'll take my measurements once I'm done with this post!

Okay I'm sorry! Back to the Health Bet! The basic concept is the similar to a Diet Bet, you're putting something on the line and betting on the fact that you're going to consistently workout (3x a week), and drink your nutrients at least 5 days a week with Shakeology! I LOVE that it's not about results and specifically NOT about a number on the scale or weight loss. It's about putting in effort and trying to get HEALTHY! I have literally seen people slack off on diet bets then crash diet the last few weeks just to try to make a few bucks. Then they gain the weight back. Not everyone does this, but I think you get the idea. I'd much rather look at other health factors!

With the Health Bet what you're investing by purchasing a workout program and Shakeology that you will use to participate. If you already have a program and shakeology then you're good to go! You're not actually adding any additional money to the pot, you're just buying the products that you're going to use for the next 30 days. There's already a pot of 2 Million Dollars (it can go up to 3 mil - $5 of each purchase goes into the pot) and you can have a piece of it, I'll tell you how!

Oh! How will I know that you're working out and drinking said nutrient dense shakes? Well you have to track them in the Health Bet challenge group on the Challenge Tracker app. It's a free app and private group designed specifically for this purpose!

So if you want to participate here are the cliff notes of how you do that:

  1. JOIN: Leave a comment on this blog post with your email address OR email me at so I can get your email address & send you an invite to the challenge group (it starts January 9th 2017) and set you up with your program + shake!
  2. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: Use the app to log at least five Shakeology drinks with photos and three workouts during all four qualification weeks. It's super easy to do!
  3. QUALIFY: Log your Shakeology drinks and workouts by 11:59 p.m. PT on the last day of each contest week:

    Week 1: January 9–January 15
    Week 2: January 16–January 22
    Week 3: January 23–January 29
    Week 4: January 30–February 5

  4. CASH IN: Meet all the requirements and you’ll automatically win an equal share of the prize pool! It's as simple as that!

So I hope you'll join me in getting yo booty in gear this 2017! And IF you want to do the crazy hybrid calendar I'm doing also, I can totes share it with you! Yay let's do this thing and make some money in the process! Last time a few people in my group were successful and totally made some $$! I can't wait for that to be YOU this time around!

Until next timeeee my loves!! 

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