Why I left my 9-5 job to pursue my passion!

I have never really considered myself a leader or influential. I've always shied away from leadership because I was scared of failure or "what if people don't like me?" I have let fear run almost my entire life.

But my attitude towards life has totally changed over the past few years and that is largely thanks to becoming an online health & wellness coach.

But let me back up a little bit. This transformation really all started with a decision to stop feeling like crap all the time. Go figure right? This decision lead me to a plethora of new experiences and a brand new lifestyle that's driven by my passion to help people FEEL better and learn to love themselves.

a glimpse into the old me...

When I decided to get healthy I really just wanted to feel better and I wanted to one day be able to make some super healthy babies with my super healthy body (and with the help of my super hot husband of course, can't exactly make a baby alone!) In the process I was faced with and overcame more challenges than I ever anticipated, lost 25lbs, broke out of my own personal prison, and gained a LIFE!

I was at my heaviest weight here - about 25lbs heavier than my lowest adult weight

I was at my heaviest weight here - about 25lbs heavier than my lowest adult weight

Now I don't want you to think this is some weird unrealistic story full of BS promises and some miracle. Because it's not. This journey has been filled with hard work, disappointment, and more failures than I can count.

But it's also been filled with learning, and joy, and a new take on life.

I used to sit in a cubicle for 8-10 hours a day. I had a commute in horrible traffic that took me about an hour each way. I made decent money, and I would say I had a pretty awesome job for a 22 year old with no college degree - I had built a resume to die for just by being driven to succeed and being willing to work hard. It's safe to say that by all "normal" standards I was doing pretty well for myself.

But the problem was that I was miserable. I was bored. I was uninspired. I was stuck in a life I hadn't really chosen. I knew I was meant for more but I had NO CLUE what, or how I could make anything happen. I also knew that I didn't think more was an option for me at that point in life. I had arrived at this miserable adulting thing that everyone had been talking about. Yippieeee?

In reality I really HATED the work I was doing, I HATED not moving all day, and I HATED feeling so damn stuck when I thought I was doing the "right thing" by having this "good job".

The matter of the fact is that I had given up on myself and my dreams and settled for what everyone else was telling me was the "right thing" to do. Notice the use of the word HATE up there. I was a BIG OL negative nancy. (PS sorry to anyone who's named Nancy - I'm sure you're wonderful!)

My coworker captioned this picture "My coworker Harmony is grumpy today. Stay away!"

My coworker captioned this picture "My coworker Harmony is grumpy today. Stay away!"

I can honestly say that the lost and oblivious girl who ate bread and pasta at every meal with some kind of creamy cheesy sauce, followed by a king sized candy bar and ice cream, (I'm honestly not even exaggerating) and felt yucky in her own body while being unhappy daily was not a believer in Harmony. I tried to fill that hole with food.

That version of Harmony did not love herself. That version of Harmony, the my entire life up until January 2013 version of me; never thought she was good enough and she can't believe that the future version of me is doing what I am now.

Like she's literally rolling her eyes and sarcastically saying "yeah OKAY sure, whatever" in disbelief because there's just no way she would believe this in a non joking matter. I honestly LOVED being unhealthy and wore it like a badge of honor. As if it's a hard thing to do! 

Life is just crazy like that! Moving along back to who I am now and how I took charge of my life.

so what does my life look like now?

WELL it hasn't been all rainbows and unicorns, BUT I was able to quit that soul sucking job I mentioned above, and I now mostly work from home with my puppy and hubby by my side as a holistic health coach, and the CEO of Team Primal Alpha.

I workout, snapchat, blog, make healthy paleo foods, take photos, explore business opportunities, talk to people online all day via text and video chats, I create meal plans, I provide helpful content, and I drink my superfood shakes! Sounds pretty cool right!?


There has been a lot of hard work involved with being my own boss - but every second is worth it because I know I'm working towards a bigger picture goal and a passion that lights me up!

In a sense this life feels like a DREAM to me. There is work involved, but it doesn't FEEL like work and that makes all the difference in the world! You know what I mean??

I have not achieved everything I want to by a LONG shot. I still have so much more to do, so much more to grow, and so much more to spread to the world.

Iused to dream and WISH that I would be able to create my own schedule and be my own boss and help people and be a role model, and be a leader, and make a difference, and do all these things... Then it's like wait... Why the hell not just start TRYING. 

I'm not saying it'll happen overnight. And I'm not saying you won't need help. But what I'm saying is that you have to go for it and MOVE towards what you want out of life, otherwise you'll always feel unfulfilled and wonder "what if?"

Now that I make my own schedule, I have been able to pursue another lifelong dream and join a professional ballet company! This was a dream I had genuinely given up on. But God has a funny way of showing us that he is always there, and he is always leading the way.  

Am I 100% where I want to be financially? Nope not even a little bit! I'm not where I want to be financially YET - we still have debt to pay off and we have some huge goals to achieve. But that doesn't mean that things haven't gotten better!

One HUGE thing that coaching has instilled in me is the practice of NEVER giving up, and always trying to grow into a better version of myself in order to better help others! Because without investing in ourselves how can we expect to serve others!?

i'm an average person just like you!

I'll admit that I'm also an avid Netflix and Hulu-er and there are plenty of days that I don't want to work out, eat healthy, or prioritize my skin health! But I also know how much better I feel when I live my life with purpose. These days I'd rather work on myself and my business than watch TV! Some days I end up watching TV! It's life and we all need balance AND hustle!

MAY 2015 - JULY 2016

MAY 2015 - JULY 2016

in a nutshell...

I'm a professional ballerina turned online health & wellness coach who specializes in helping women feel unstoppable in their own skin & finding their own personal freedom!

Specifically I help people adopt a Paleo, wholesome, Primal lifestyle and overcome a myriad of problems! I myself have struggled with acne, PCOS, hormonal infertility, a past with anxiety, eating disorders, and confidence issues. I have been able to manage all of my symptoms 100% naturally and I am proud to say that through the programs I've formulated through education & experience, I have helped many others do the same as well.

sooooo what does this mean for you?

It means that I'm here for you, I want to help you, and you're NOT alone! I have resources available for for everyone at all stages of life. Are you wondering where to get started?

I recommend you start with my Real Food Acne Detox that's available for free. It's complete with recipes, supplement lists, shopping lists, and just about everything you need to kick off your healthy journey to clearer skin!

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Aaaaaaaaandddddddddd LAST but not least, if you didn't want to read this whole detailed post, I tried to give you a general run down of my story in the video below!

Thanks again for stopping by, I hope you've enjoyed your visit and I'm sure we'll be seeing each other again soon!

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