Second Trimester Update: Weeks 14 - Weeks 16

Okay not gonna lie, this was going to be a 14 week only post at first but then I didn't finish it before 15 weeks rolled around and now here I am today already at 16weeks and well... The rest is history! My bad ya'll!

Also random PSA: the picture for this post is a random photo. That is not my belly. I just felt like I needed to clarify that. Okay moving on...

SO despite my delay this is how I was feeling at the beginning of 14 weeks:

I can't even believe this day is FINALLY HERE!!! I made it through the first trimester YAAASSSS! I swear it has been the longest few months of my life. The crazy thing of course is that I still have so long to go... 26 weeks to be exact.

Despite the fact that I'm technically in the second trimester now my body doesn't seem to have a magical clock that says "hey, it's the second trimester, you're supposed to feel ahhhmaazziiinngggg now!" I mean the amount of times that I've heard about this whole second trimester bliss thing is incredible.... And now I just WAIT.

To be fair though, I feel pretty good today! I did have some caffeine this morning (SHH don't tell) and it helped with my productivity level big time. I wasn't a caffeine addict prior to getting pregnant but the whole fatigue thing in pregnancy is NO JOKE. 

NOW today I'm sitting here having survived both week 14 & 15 and I'm moving on to week 16! It's honestly so friggin exciting! Every Wednesday I'm pretty happy though because it's another weekly milestone! I dunno why, but seriously every week that I continue to grow this baby feels like a really big deal. Like I never thought I'd make it to 14w and now I'm like YEAH part of me never thought I'd make it to 16w!

That's not to say that I'm sitting around sad and defeated because I don't think I can grow this baby - it's just the part of me that's still SO in disbelief about this whole pregnancy thing! I mean it's just bonkers!

Overall I have to say these past few weeks in my second trimester have been better. I still get nauseous at least once a day, usually every single friggin evening around 8pm. I also threw up again last week which was SO not fun. But since then I also got this cool thing called a Reliefband!

I wish I had it earlier in my pregnancy when I was a zombie with 24/7 nausea.

The way it works: it sits on a pressure point and sends little pulses to help you feel less nauseous. I gotta tell you it's surprisingly worked really well! That doesn't mean you'll suddenly not have heart burn or fatigue or anything else.... But it DOES help with making you not barf as much. Yippiee!!

Another advancement these few weeks has been my weight gain. I mean WOAH. I went from having lost in my first trimester to ultimately ending it at my pre pregnancy weight (so no weight gain overall) and since in the past three weeks I've packed on 6 freaking pounds!!!!!! I hear it all evens out or whatever but that's been freaky!

I did start really working out again outside of just teaching PiYo & ballet so that might have contributed to the gain? I mean my muscles have been really sore and that can make the number on the scale rise because of both water retention & the fact that your muscles weight more... If you're curious what workout I'm doing, I'm doing a mixture but I hope to commit to one program next week, I'm just having trouble deciding which one. Right now I'm obsessed with the active maternity workouts on BOD (Beachbody On Demand). I have a year of unlimited streaming of every Beachbody workout ever so it's kinda the greatest thing because I can do ANY program!

Also in case you didn't know, I'm not really an active coach anymore, haven't been in months in order to focus on my own program development etc. but I still 100% love & standby both the workouts and the products! Anyway SO not the point here.....

My belly has really popped more now, since like mid 15w and I'm finding it a little harder to hide than I was before. But I still just kinda feel as though I look bigger and not necessarily pregnant unless you knew my prior to pregnancy - then you know that this is NOT how I usually gain weight! Regardless I am feeling bigger but I know it's all part of the process. It just freaks me out a little!

I typically gain weight in my legs, thighs, butt area and a bit here and there on top. But man having a belly - even this small of one is strange to me I'm not gonna lie! I still haven't felt baby yet but I cannot WAIT until I do! That'll make this all seem more real. Or at least I think it will!

Also for those of you wondering the type of prenatal I'm taking, it's the Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal. I like it for 3 reasons:

1. You take 1 three times a day so the intensity is spread out. The first brand I took (Innate) made me feel super sick every time I took them. 

2. It's food based. When you real the ingredients they're all foods you'll probably recognize, which I think is awesome!

3. It has FOLATE and not folic acid. Folate is the real food version our bodies can use whereas folic acid is a synthetic version of folate.

I'm not going to lie though, I'm almost out of this prenatal and I'm thinking of switching again BECAUSE it does have tomato in to which is a nightshade I try to avoid, and it does give e some solid acid reflux. But then again so does everything else. I'll let you know how I feel about the next brand I order, I already have it picked out I just need to order it later today!

I've been so busy guys! SO any moving pieces in our lives right now and so many things possibly in the works. My job is busy AF at the moment with 3 new locations opening up in two weeks, I'm coming to the end of the semester for teaching ballet & PiYo at the dance studio so everyone is a bit on edge for final performances etc. AND I'm also trying to find some side work that offers benefits so that I can get insurance.


I found an affordable place to do a gender ultrasound scan without insurance! Ernest's bday is on Friday and we're going first thing Saturday morning to find out the sex of this baby!!! We're planning to do a gender reveal in early June so keeping this secret is going to be near impossible, but I think it's a pretty great gift for my hubs! WE'RE SO EXCITED!

I haven't seen my baby since we confirmed the pregnancy at 6 weeks at the free clinic! So crazy... But with my husband being unemployed since January it just wasn't feasible. On that note we're also thinking about selling our house and possibly moving into a rental for a year or so. Which is yet another thing up in the air and on my plate currently. I mean holy wow guys We've got like 5 months to get our shit together before this baby gets here! So much to do and what feels like so little time!

Good thing is that as I mentioned my teaching schedule will be virtually nonexistent in a month and by then I'll hopefully have that other side job for both income & insurance purposes. But we'll see!

OH OH anddddd I started drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea!!! It helps to tone your uterus to make labor easier! It literally gives your uterus a workout inside your body making it stronger for delivery! Many women have seen a difference in their labor with it and I LOVED this blog post all about it by Mama Natural! I mean who doesn't want a strong ass uterus so you'll have an easier labor? Sign me up please!

So you're supposed to drink one cup a day starting in your second trimester, then up the dosage later in your third trimester. It's been hot outside and I've been obsessed with COLD drinks so I make my tea hot with not too much water and raw honey (to brew & melt the honey) and let it sit for 20min - 1hr. Then add a ton of ice cubes and stir it up for a DELICIOUS and refreshing daily drink! Speaking of Mama Natural I also signed up for her weekly pregnancy text updates which are awesome AND I bought her brand new book and it's AMAZING!!

Seriously if you're expecting then you need to get this ASAP! Every week has awesome natural tidbits along with so much more! And it's not JUST for the crazy crunchy like me, she's very inclusive while still providing the reader with nonconventional wisdom about pregnancy an childbirth. Def so worth it!! 

Okay, now that I've rambled to no end let me show yah some pictures of my pregnancy so far!

6 Weeks 


14 Weeks


16 Weeks


Holy belly pop at 16w today!!! Also you can kinda see the crazy breakouts on my upper arms here... It's really intense but I'm doing my best to clear it up! Oh and can you believe that when I found out I was preggers I was like damn I alreay have dis crazy bloated belly going on!! BAHAHA 

And of course below you can find the Spark Notes version!!

How far along?  16 Weeks! Feels like a big milestone somehow!
Maternity clothes? Kinda not really! I can still wear my normal clothes but I'm sprinkling in some maternity shirts here and there and wearing my bigger normal stuff that I held onto for when I got pregnant. Plus I had to get new bigger bras & some cotton undies.
Stretch marks? Nope nope nope! I bought some magical 100% Raw Shea Butter & I'm obsessed so hopefully it'll help!
Symptoms: Evening nausea still, heart burn like woah, increased hunger, crazy breakouts on my arms & upper shoulder, and dry skin!
Best moment this week: Feeling so much better plus scheduling that gender ultrasound!
Miss Anything? UHM I miss my normal tastebuds & foodie tendencies. It' still not the same.
Movement: I hope to feel it soon!!!
Food cravings:  Been on a month long lemonade kick! Still going strong! I'm also obsessed with this cold Raspberry Leaf Tea I've been making! (Only drink this tea in the second trimester & beyond!)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing specific although I'm def more sensitive to trippy things on TV. I just have to look away haha
Labor Signs: Nope nope!
Belly Button in or out? Innnnn
Mood: Currently it's really good! I still get down and kind of depressed here and there because of these crazy hormones, but honestly so much better ya'll!
Wedding Rings on or off: On!
Looking forward to: So many things this week! Hubby's bday & his party, seeing this baby & finding out the gender, my sister in law being DUE to have her baby any minute now, my other friend Lauren having her baby, and gosh just so much!!! 
Days till next appointment: UHM LIKE 4! If you count this "elective ultrasound" that's not with a doctor as an appointment anyway... They don't check or look at anything else so I still REALLY need to get insurance and actual monitoring!
Days left until due date: 168!!!! YEYYYY!!!! It's getting closer!
Weight Gain: 6lbs and counting!

OKAY I'M DONE! Wow turns out when you have to cover 3 weeks in one post it's kind of a lot! Sorry about that guys! But hey, I'm doing what I can with all the insanity over here so bear with me!

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Have an amazing week!

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