Try It My Way

I realized today that I never actually made a blog post all about this amazing program that I offer which just makes no sense but at the same time makes total sense since most of you know my track record when it comes to consistent blogging! I do need to take a second to give myself a pat on the back because I think this month probably holds a record for the most times that I have EVER  blogged in a month!! Say WHHHAAAATTTT!?

Okay now moving on to the actual purpose of this post - Try It My Way!


Most of you I think know my story.... I'm just a normal girl with a crazy life like the rest of you! Spark notes version of my skin story: I've struggled with acne since I was 11! I have tried everything for it from Proactiv, to Obagi, to NuSkin, to Avon, to Duac, to Tetrocycline, to Spironilactone, to the pill, to Tazorac, to Murad, to every infomercial I saw, plus I mean literally like a million other miracle cures that promised me they would heal and clear my skin. Here's how the process usually went: My skin got worse, then it got a bit better, then it got worse than it was even before I started using the products.

Can we say #FAIL!?

This happened with ALL OF THEM. My skin was horrible in high school and afterwards, through my early twenties. Granted I'm only 25 right now but I digress.... Things for me got the worst as an adult after I got myself healthy and went off the pill in November 2013. That's really when all hell broke loose.

It took some time but within 6 months or so my skin was the worst it had ever been in my entire life. Enter the before pictures I use most often in my transformation pics from summer of 2014 I think around July:

It was a really tough time for me. I was eating really well with Paleo, I was working out by doing Bikram yoga like crazy, I had just gotten a PCOS diagnosis and needless to say I was feeling low.

It was such a process to find balance in my life and it took a long time of making a lot of small adjustments here and there all over my life to clear my skin and heal myself. from 2015 through the present has been the first time in my life that I have had clear skin using 100% natural methods. I read as much as I could, listened to podcasts, and tried to absorb as much info as possible because I was desperate to heal myself 100% naturally. I knew for sure that I was NEVER EVER going to go back to doing things the wrong way with the doctors and dumb topical treatment that are really all just bandaids. In addition to all the adjustments all over my life and diet and topical treatments, finding my an exercise program that helped my skin instead of hurting it - PiYo (and now I've moved on to a bunch of others as well) was HUGE for me! PLUS ditching even all my expensive supplements for a super nutrient dense superfood shake - Vegan Shakeology has been a game changer.

Healing acne naturally is hard and complicated and I did it alone. Despite looking for help everywhere it was really so much trial and error on my part trying to figure everything out and I'm SO grateful for it all.


I know... I just spent all this time sharing my skin struggles with you and I'm grateful for it!? I REALLY am though because there are SO many people out there struggling just like I did. I would not have the life that I have right now without all of this. I would've never become a coach and I would've never found my place in the world. I didn't even really touch on the whole emotional side of having bad acne. When I was in my teens I just assumed it would clear up when I got older but that was just another lie fed to me by people who meant well but clearly had no idea what they were talking about. That goes along with all of the horrible acne advice I took over the years. The thousands upon thousands of dollars I've spent towards attempting to heal my skin is insane but I'm happy I did it.

The good news is that NOW I use everything that I've experienced and learned through those experiences to help YOU do the same thing. Which brings me back to my program.

Try It My Way is an opportunity for you to do EXACTLY what it sounds like and try to clear your skin MY WAY! I'm just asking you to give it a full blown try for at least 30-90 days. Like really take the plunge and dive in head first. I'll give you all the tools you need to succeed.

On top of that more than anything I want to spread this natural healing of acne, hormones, and PCOS as far and wide as possible. I want people to know that they have options outside of what's spoon fed to them by the media and most doctors about acne because it's all bull shit. Maybe they don't know any better, but that doesn't exactly fix the problem at hand!

That's where YOU come in. I would love to not only work with you to clear your skin FOR FREE but I also want to give you business mentorship so that you can help others to do the exact same thing as well! All you pay for are the products you'll use - my actual coaching and mentorship is FREE. PLUS you'll get the coach title yourself while I help you learn how to actually coach 1:1!

I thought of a lot of different ways I could go about helping people to the best of my abilities and I truly believe that this is it. I already have people in this program that are more like my best friends now. I look forward to our weekly video calls every single week -  these people are freaking AMAZING! Here is a message I received from one of my favs in this program after our first call:

SO guess who woke up early to work out and found that exercise endorphins do actually exist?! I’ve never exercised before and felt those wonderful endorphins people talked about! I don’t wake up for anything but I forced myself today and oh boy was I happy ! Also, I wanted to thank you so so much for talking to me last night. I was over the moon bursting with happiness. I was so excited about our convo that I didn’t sleep til so late because I was looking up where to get all the wonderful products you suggested. I called my sister immediately who was anxiously awaiting my call to hear about our conversation and I just gushed for a solid half hour. Like I told you yesterday, I like knowing what to do and not to do and instead of feeling overwhelmed with all the information I felt extremely excited to begin. It’s been hard to get past all the disappointment I have felt not being able to combat my acne, but last night I felt like FINALLY I’m in control and FINALLY I feel like I can do this. I’ve always been optimstic but self doubt always crept it. You made me feel heard and understood, which meant the world to me. You are truly an evolved human, and I feel so lucky to call you my coach....... My mom was excited to hear about our phone call and told me I sound so happy, she’s behind me 100% on this journey. She’s always felt so helpless seeing her daughter struggle so she was happy with my new found commitment. I know this was a long winded message, but thank you thank you thank you. Everything in my body is telling me that I’m on the right track. I hope you have an awesome day and just know that you’ve made mine !!
— Jessica Gonzalez


That message right there. THAT is why I do what I do. I can't even express to you how much messages like that make my heart BURST with joy, pride, and happiness! No one should have to feel as lost and alone as I felt. If you have acne then I bet you feel alone also, but you don't have to because you're NOT alone! I've simplified everything for you and I want to work with you 1:1 to help you heal yourself naturally. It IS possible, you just have to really be willing to TRY!

Just FYI Jessica has seen great success with this program and she's currently still doing PiYo and using all the tools she and I determined would be best for her including Vegan Shakeology.

Last but not least, I wanted to simplify the whole signup process of this so I'm going to include a direct link below so that you can enroll for this program through a purchase.

My recommendation 100% is to start you Try It My Way journey with PiYo & Vegan Shakeology. If that workout doesn't sound right for you though, then feel free to chose another one. You'll see there is a drop down list of different programs. Just please keep in mind that often times while healing your acne you need a good workout but you don't want to push yourself TOO hard right off the bat because this can have the opposite effect of what you want!

A few other things I would like to mention: You will be joining my team as a coach, but you're going to get extra attention from me because of this program. This isn't my standard coaching business mentorship because of all the reasons I listed above! You could also potentially turn this into a career if you want to! Even if you don't want this to become a career, you can still make some extra money WHILE healing yourself for free AND potentially helping other people find their own health and freedom in the process. I mean, if this had existed two years ago when I was at my lowest but wanting an answer, I would have just about died with excitement!

I promise I don't bite ya'll! But I do only take up to 10 new enrollments a month because of the amount of time I dedicate to each participant and the demand is high!! Last but not least, make sure you select the Challenge Pack option from the drop downs so that all your enrollment fees are waived and you're only paying for the products!

Try It My Way Coach Enrollment

Once you complete your enrollment I'll be sending you an email with a survey to fill out along with a link to schedule our first 1:1 video call!! I cannot wait to get to know you better and help you Try It My Way!!!! 

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