NEW YouTube Channel Launch!

I'm super excited AND super nervous to share this with you guys! I've been documenting my journey on both Snapchat and Instagram stories very regularly and with some pretty good reactions, which is what inspired me to create this channel!

I've been told I should vlog and that I'm good on video... So honestly that's the ONLY reason I even gave this a shot! Because I've wanted a vlog forever, but I've never had the balls to actually DO anything about it before besides record some videos and never use them.

I'm going to tell you right now that this video makes me cringe. Like A LOT. It is SO FAR from perfect and the standard that I want it to be, BUT I knew I just needed to get the content out there and start the vlogging process. I'm sure my video editing skills will get better and I'm also planning to get a new camera that's exclusively for my vlogging content, instead of recording with my iphone.

Let's not even talk about my current editing skills... The next one WILL be better, I promise!

But alas here goes.... Find my very first youtube vlog below!

Please do like and subscribe to my channel to help it grow and allow me to keep bringing you new content on a regular basis! I love sharing info with you guys to make your lives better so I hope to continue to do so! Thank you SO MUCH as always for you love and support - it makes all the hard work worth it! Also I want to say that it's people like you who really make it possible for projects like this one to come to life instead of just being a pipe dream! I see you boo, and I appreciate you.

That's all for now - I gotta run to teach some ballet. Go figure I'm running late because I'm sitting here blogging instead of leaving! Until next time...

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