Whole 30 Recipe Highlights - Tarragon Chicken

As a lot of you know, I'm currently doing a Paleo Whole 30! I'm on day 5 and despite some struggles and cravings here and there I must admit that everything so far is going well! I am also incorporating Vegan Shakeology into my Whole 30 meal plan for many various reasons that I explained over on my IG the other day (there's a link to my IG at the bottom of this page). Because of my Whole 30-ing I thought it would be fun to create a section on my website where I share some of my favorite recipes with you! Some of them will be my own unique recipes and others will just be ones I found and loved! I'll tell you in the post any modifications I made so that you can do so as well if you have similar sensitivities that I do!! Alright guys so the first recipe I'm sharing here today is one that my sister in law made in the past and I just about died it was so freaking good! Okay not really, but it was DELICIOUS!

I bought all the ingredients on Sunday and I'm planning to make it later today! I do plan to sub grass fed ghee for the butter that the recipe calls for BUT you could also totally make this with some good ol Kerrygold butter which is my personal favorite grass fed butter if you're not on the Whole 30 and or if you tolerate some high quality dairy! ALSO I think this is obvious BUT I'll say it just in case it isn't! You should use your own homemade bone broth instead of a store bought broth if you can!!! This is especially true if you're doing the whole 30! I mean if you have NO other option then go for it but get the highest quality you can get, I'm no Paleo perfectionist, BUT making homemade broth is easy and SUPER nourishing so I would recommend giving it a shot! In a pinch I do sometimes use THIS organic chicken broth. I can't speak for any of their other products though as I haven't tried or looked into them so don't get mad at me if they aren't up to your standards! 

This Paleo friendly recipe is surprisingly from Martha Stewart! The details can be found below! Let me know if you make it and how you like it! I think it's seriously AWESOME!

Braised Chicken Tarragon

Chicken braised with wine, tarragon, and leeks is tender, aromatic, and delicious.

  • PREP: 10 MINS

Here's the link to the full recipe:



Enjoy!!! <3

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