AIP "Chocolate" Cake

Hey errrrybody! So as most of you know, I'm no longer on the Whole 30!!!! *takes a bow* totally kidding about that being a big deal but, I am glad I got through it and it's honestly always an interesting process to add some things back in! I mean I eat Paleo or modified AIP mostly but I'm not about being crazy strict. It's more like I eat to nourish myself and for my best health. It's this magical thing called intuitive eating!

ANYWAY so not the point here! The point is that yesterday was my brothers bday!

YAYYY! Okay so my brother has actually been doing really strict AIP (Autoimmune Paleo Protocol) for about 3 months now for an autoimmune condition! He and his wifey boo have been totally killin it and I think it's amazing!!! I did an AIP Whole 30 once and it was hard AF but also a really great experience. It's ever since then that I eat a "modified" paleo/AIP diet. I love all things AIP, I just sometimes want something that has an egg in it and I know it's not going to kill me.

So back to this recipe.... My sister in law made a bomb ass AIP "chocolate" cake! For those of you who don't know - you can't have chocolate on AIP because it's a seed!!!! But this cake tastes chocolatey and delicious so I of course had to find the recipe myself!

The best part besides the amazing taste?

It was super quick and easy to make! About as easy as making a smootie since you just throw everything into a blender! Turns out the recipe is from A Clean Plate and dayum did she do an amazing job coming up with this one!!! You've gotta try it!

"Chocolate" Cake

SERVINGS: 12 pieces PREP: 5 minutes COOK: 30 minutes

Find the Full Recipe Here

If you try it you'll have to let me know how you like it!!! ALL of us loved this including my totally non paleo husband so I'd say it's a keeper!

Until next time, have a great weekend everyone!

xoxo - Harmony

OH and in case you were wondering what the piece I ate looked like..... It also had the AIP frosting and a scoop on coconut milk ice cream on top! DELISH!

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