Hormone Balancing Ombre Gummies


This holiday is a bit silly in so many ways. Be that as it may you have a choice on how you choose to see it. I personally just use it as another day to celebrate the people we love in a special way. Maybe that's making them their favorite food, getting them a tub of their favorite ice cream, or just giving a sweet and thoughtful card!

I think however you want to do valentines day is the right way to do it. Do what works for you and what feels good. But don't poo poo on other people because they choose to celebrate or not celebrate it. Can we all stop acting like we're somehow superior or inferior because we have differing opinions?

Sorry for getting really soap-boxy today but it just frustrates me seeing all these people who ALL think they're better than someone else because they're doing things a certain way.

Just live and let live people!

Valentines day has never been a huge deal for hubby & I but I usually make him a fancy meal LIKE THIS ONE and we share a good bottle of wine followed by some quality time and maybe a redbox. Nothing crazy, no expensive gifts, but there are usually flowers and chocolates involved and we make sure to celebrate each other. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I also think it's totally cool if you want to boycott the whole thing because you think it's just another hallmark holiday and an excuse for business to make money. Just don't boycott it because you think it somehow makes you superior to those who are celebrating it... Because all that really makes you is kind of an ass hole. #sorrynotsorry

Again I repeat, you do you boo. Whatever is going to make you happy just do it and let other do the same!

Now let's talk about these damn ombre gummies! Because that's what you're here for, let's be honest!

Aren't they so pretty?

The best thing is that they're yummy and actually REALLY good for you! I combined the hormone balancing power of raspberry leaf tea along with the yumminess of real raspberries, apple sauce, and even a little sour kick with lemon juice!

These are sure to be a huge hit in your house and they're just easy as pie to make! I wouldn't honestly make these and eat a few a day throughout the week if I was currently working to balance my own hormones (wink wink).

Did I mention that they also help to heal your gut, improve digestion, and they're even protein packed? Well they are. And you're officially welcome. Now go make these bad boys!

These are Paleo, Whole 30, AIP, low carb, bikini prep, and Keto, approved. Plus probably other things also but my brain is only half working at the moment because I need to eat some food!

Onward ho to the recipe!

Hormone Balancing Ombre Gummies

Makes 9-12 gummies (depending on cup size)


1 1/2 cups boiling hot water

1 tbsp cold water

2 scoop gelatin

1 bag of raspberry leaf tea

1 tsp manuka honey

10 raspberries fresh or frozen

Juice of 1/2 lemon

10 tsp apple sauce (no sugar added)


Pour 2 scoops of gelatin and the tbsp of cold water into a bowl or mug. Stir until it become a slushy consistency.

Once thoroughly combined, pour the boiling hot water over the gelatin mixture and stir constantly until gelatin is dissolved. It shouldn't take long at all. Add the tea bag, lemon juice, and honey to the hot water and let steep for at least 5 minutes, up to 20.

While the tea is steeping add 1 tsp of apple sauce to 10 silicone cups (I used standard cupcake sized cups). Once the tea is done evenly distribute the liquid between the 10 cups filling roughly halfway to 3/4 of the way. Lightly stir the apple sauce with the tea, but it should alright be pretty well combined.

Add 1 raspberry to each silicone cup and chill in the fridge for 4 hours or overnight for extra firmness.

You can garnish with some extra raspberries, lemon zest, or even some coconut sugar for extra sweetness!


I love this recipe because it's both simple and low maintenance & I just think you guys are going to love it. Plus, just seeing how pretty they are personally make me really happy! If yo want them more sour or more sweet just play around with the lemon & honey levels! But the applesauce adds some great clean sweetness so don't go overboard with the honey!

What are some of you valentines day traditions? I's love to hear about them in the comments!

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I love you guys - have an amazing day!

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