Here's to new beginnings

Well here we are. Me as the writer/author of this here brand spankin new blog and you as a probably nonexistent reader that currently resides in my imagination. This is already off to a great start (starting off my first sentence with typos? #winning there's a lot to look forward to here). If I'm being completely honest, I'm not 100% sure what direction I'm going to be taking this blog in. I have had people asking me often if I blog because I post a lot of foodie pics on my Instagram. But I don't know that this blog will be centered on food or my paleo lifestyle.

Okay I think I'm getting a little ahead of myself here so let me give you some background info!

Phone Pics 802 Phone Pics 778

My name is Harmony. That's me in those pictures above. Yes, I have a hippie/musical/unique name that is spelled just like the word so please let's not get confused here. I've gotten the same questions repeatedly about my name (mostly in the customer service sector) so I'll try to answer them here before moving on, and in order to save your fingers and brain from wondering what people often do when they hear my name. 1) "Were your parents hippies?" Well here's the answer... KINDA. I think my Mom was more of a hippy than my oh so British father, but apparently my Dad chose the name. I really don't know why but I love it so yay Dad! 2) "Are you musical?" Answer: Another underwhelming KINDA. I love music, have a decent voice when I chose to make it sound pretty but I'm not about to be on a singing competition wowing the audience and giving them chills and teary eyes with all its glory. Yeah, not so much. I play guitar but not well, and I never practice. Ironically I sorta suck at harmonies and I can't play the harmonica. Obviously I'm a music star. 3) "Do you make everything like... Peaceful?" Answer: UH KINDA? I've heard I can have a calming energy and seem pretty stable and even tempered and I'm not gonna lie I HATE conflict (I really shouldn't be blogging with all the haters out there right?) but I don't think I'm a "peace maker" as my name might imply.

I hope that cleared up any questions or confusion you may have had regarding my name. If you've got another one feel free to ask away in the comments section!

I've already gotten far too long winded with the shortest and simplest of tasks: Defining this blog and telling you a bit about myself... But really this is my space to express myself and let my sometimes creative juices flow. I hope to post weekly but hey, don't hold me to that. I also hope to not bore (or boar for that matter) people's brains and hope that someone might actually read this thing sometime. The thought is both exciting and daunting. I know I can't write too much at once or no one will ever come back. We're all busy, and reading is a time commitment that not many are willing to make these days, trust me I get it! It is for that very reason that I tend to feel almost guilty when I see I'm typing far too much and going on far too long. Our brains are vast and thoughts are many (yeah, yeah insert 10% usage thing and the movie "Lucy" reference). Though they may not all be profound thoughts, you've got to admit that sometimes "What am I going to wear today?" can be an all consuming internal debate.

Now the spark-notes version of ME... Partially because I need to get to work (I'm working from home today.. Yay!) and partially because I can go into greater detail later. I plan to make this a long term relationship and not a one night stand. No need to give it all up on the first post. So slutty literacy be damned! I'm going to be a literal prude (you see what I did there with the word literal? Yeah I thought you might like that). Go away pun police. Here it goes:

  • I just turned 24. YEP my birthday was yesterday... Yay for being older!
  • I'm married to an amazing man! His name is Ernest and he's the best! We'll celebrate out 5 year anniversary next month... CRAZY!
  • Wedding
  • I'm a DOGGY mom but have no kids of my own yet. I have a 7 year old yorkie named Addy. She may not be the smartest but she's the best fluffy butt a girl could ask for.
  •  Phone Pics 759
  • I'm a home owner... And too poor to pay for professional homey things so expect some DIY stuffs and home improvement (IT'S TOOL TIME! Hopefully someone got that reference).
  • I follow a paleo real food lifestyle and I have since July 2013. Foodie pictures and early ass bedtimes to come so brace yourselves! PS.DOT.COM check out the balanced bites podcast for my personal favorite resource for all things PALEO.
  • I lost 20lbs in 2013 and completed the master cleanse twice! I've done the 21 Day Sugar Detox twice in the last 2 months! I like challenges.
  • I don't Crossfit. Yeah, I'm paleo and I'm sure CF is great, but please don't assume I have anything to do with it. I don't.
  • I do Bikram Yoga. It's the one in the 105 degree room for 90min with 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. Yeah some say it's crazy, I know but I love the stretching and strengthening that comes with it! I did a 30 day challenge in June. I've done 5k's and the gym thing... I'm just not a huge fan! But I still revisit them on occasion. 
  • I was dedicated to ballet for what feels like forever. I was teaching ballet through this past summer but I have no clue where ballet will fit into my life for this next year and beyond.
  • I'm a sister. I was blessed with three older brothers. Well maybe "blessed" isn't the way I would've always described it but they're pretty cool. Their wives/girlfriends are pretty cool too! (you can thank my sister in-law Johanna for giving me the final push to create this here blog).
  • I'm an aunt! I have 2 nieces and 3 nephews they all live in NY while I live in the DC Metro area so I don't see them often... Sad Face.
  • I have battled with acne for an eternity (Yes, I'm exaggerating). I currently have hormonal acne due to some other hormone and possible thyroid related issues I'm still working through. This is one of the HUGE things I'm trying to correct through lifestyle choices.
  • I've lived in a few different countries! Born in Greece, lived in Korea... You get the idea, all because my parents were church missionaries. You can't make this stuff up. Refer back to the whole parental hippy thing...
  • I'm a bit of a hippy (and yes I know I used multiple spellings) myself... With my food, my lifestyle, my name, my yoga... Plus I don't use any chemicals in my skincare or hair routine (Thanks Skintervention Guide by Liz Wolfe over at realfoodliz). And everything happens for a reason! Womp womppp...
  • I have some great friends! I can be a pain in the ass so I'm lucky they stick around.
  • I love TV and Movies and Reading! I can spend many hours on all of em.
  • I'm interested in a bunch of different things. I can imagine myself on MANY different career paths that all sound awesome. What a freaking dilemma! For now I'm an accounting assistant/contracts assistant for a small company as in: I'm multiple people's bitch. BLEH

I think I'll stop on that note. What can I say, I'm a tease! And let's be real here, I kinda gave up a lot to you on this first encounter. We'll see how far we get next time.

xoxo Gossip Girl... JUST KIDDING this whole ending a blog post thing is awkward.

Muah! Mkay. Thanks, bye!

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