So, Harmony... What exactly has changed?

I highly recommend you listen to this before you start reading, and have it on in the background as you read since I was listening to this track the entire time I was writing! :)

I've been visualizing and meditating a lot recently guys. It was a goal of mine to add it into my daily routine for 2016 and I've done pretty well. I have skipped some days, I'm not going to lie. But during meditation today I tapped into some deep emotions and realized that deciding to become a coach has changed my entire being. I'm not talking about the amazing products and the physical changes which are amazing also, but I'm talking about me on the inside. Most people, frankly I think no one would really see this change. Yes maybe in subtle ways people have noticed but really I mean the deep internal changes are amazing. I NEVER EVER EVER thought this would come out of me trying to find a way to change my life in terms of career paths. But it has because I've decided to let it take me down this path. I mean just the fact that I'm doing personal development often (again I'm not going to sit here and pretend like I don't skip days sometimes) has changed me so much. Talking with and surrounding myself with people who inspire me is powerful also. But the most powerful of all the the power that comes from within all of us and that's the power of self love, slef confidence, and self value. Because here's the thing. When I picture myslef in the future with my amazing husband and my family and my tribe and team of amzing people you know what freaking moves me to tears??? It's seening that I've helped people unlock those very things within themselves.

It means that each and everyone of those people has had to battle with themselves. They're had to go through some really tough shit. They've wanted to quit at times. They've wanted to give up and go back to the 'normal' or 'average' way of living because it's easier. But they DIDN'T. They chose to keep fighting and now here they are DESPITE all of their fears and short comings and they're standing with my by my side and I can SEE that each and everyone of them has self love, self confidence, and they each finally KNOW THEIR VALUE. I have helped people unleash and unlock their inner true selves! That's what this coaching thing is to me and what it's all about. It's about more than Shakeology which keeps my health in check. It's about MORE than the amazing at home workouts that keep my body healthy and fit. It's about MORE than making a dollar or shedding weight. It's about CHANGING LIVES FROM THE INSIDE OUT. I mean that in every freaking way possible.

I can see my future and it's bright. I know that yours is bright also if you're willing to put in the hard work and tap into YOU and your true essence. It's something you can't ever stop working towards. Because the second you stop, the second you get comfortable, the second you get LAZY, it's game over until you remember to put effort back into YOU. That deep sense of self love, confidence, and worth will stay with you always. You CANNOT put a dollar sign on that. I'm sorry but you just can't. You're worth more than a paycheck. You're worth more than feeling lost or stuck. You're worth more than you are giving yourself credit for. That much I can guarantee.

I'm so far from perfect. I have so much more work and love that I need to put into myself. I have SO many fears that I still need to concur. I have so many insecurities and so many feelings of self doubt and a lack of self worth. But you know what? I'm working, and trying, and pushing, to tap into the beautiful person that I know I am. Because despite all of my short comings, I am still awesome, and I am still amazing. I'm a work in progress, yes. But that doesn't mean that I'm not a beautiful work in progress JUST like every single one of you. Never ever stop growing or challenging yourself, this world and your reality are LIMITLESS. Don't let moments of darkness swallow you whole. Instead embrace them and learn from them. Turn you mess into a message (thanks for that saying Satcy Palmer). I'm still brimming with positive energy and inspiration but I need to keep some of it for myself without pouring all of it out onto this virtual page. I so often write posts like this where I bare my soul and honestly there is usually little to no response. We all vibrate at different frequencies and that's okay. YES I want people to come along on this ride with me. YES I want amazing people by my side. YES I think that we all have potential to me amazing.

But honestly I don't need a group of hundreds and thousands of people following me who don't want to be there or have the wrong motives for staying by my side. All I need are the few who's hearts are there with me. There might be days I annoy the hell out of you and vice versa, but that's how it should be! As long as we go on the journey together as a team I know we'll come out the other side victorious. If you're one of the few people reading this and this is speaking to you then I'd love to talk to you. I really would. I'll tell you right now though, I can only take people who live in the US or Canada. I wish that wasn't the case, but it is right now! Fears be damned, I don't care if you think I'm just here trying to push an agenda, I don't care if you're here thinking I just want something out of you or that I want something from you. Because you know what? You're right, I do want something from you. I want for you to join me and put some damn effort into yourself as a human being. I don't mean how you look. I mean WHO YOU ARE. How you feel daily. Your happiness, your dreams, your passions, your true self and your true potential. I want you to BE FEARLESS AND UNLEASH THEM! Just be you. Just be free. And let me help you! If something scares you then push the hell through it and grow. It's honestly the ONLY way that you can. Being comfortable and complacent never made for extraordinary. Uncomfortable is what get's you to the impossible!

So reach with me. Jump with me. Come with me and let's do this thing. Get inspired today and don't let your doubt cloud your heart. Don't let you head rule your heart. And don't let anyone else tell you what should be on your heart.

Your heart is yours and yours alone. So what are you going to do with it today?

Here's a link to my basic coaching application guys. Do with it what you will. If it annoys you that it's here well that's just too damn bad because here it is and really I do hope that you'll click it and join me on this journey. I want EVERYONE to have a chance to feel the way I do now so it's only fair for me to share that with the world.

OH and it completely freaks me out to say this.... But I'm going to make myself vulnerable and let you know that my husband and I decided to TRY to have a baby this year. I honestly don't completely know what that means for us yet but it's exciting and I can't wait to explore a new chapter in our lives to come.

As always I'm available by email, facebook, instagram, youtube, and just about everywhere else except twitter. I'm too wordy for twitter. The links to find me are below!!

xoxo- Harmony 

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