I'm the Worst Blogger Ever

Guys so first of all... HI! It's been way too long again! I don't know why I put my blogging on the back burner when it makes me so happy! Therefore I crown myself with the title of worst blogger ever! I mean I think when I do actually blog it's great and all. I just don't do it often enough at all. Maybe it's because one person can only have SO much content to share with the world. Right now I have a to do list a mile long, and blogging is not on it. Especially considering the fact that I just posted a new recipe over in my recipe section I deff should NOT be sitting here writing a blog post but whatever. I can spare a few minutes for you guys if I can spare a ton of minutes on my fb newsfeed! I actually got this extension thingy on chrome that turns OFF your newsfeed and it;s magical. As long as I'm working from my laptop I'm actually productive as hell! That is of course until I pick up my phone.... But I digress.

SMALL UPDATE! I'm doing a Whole 30 this month and I'm on day 5! I also have a group of awesome people (clients & coaches) doing it with me and the energy and excitement in that group is UNREAL! I seriously love being a coach you guys. It's so fulfilling. It's challenging as hell sometimes too, but it's so worth it. I do have new spots in my Try It May Way program open as well as my 1:1 coach mentorship program yooooooo! So if either of those interest you just let me know! If it seems like I'm speaking kriptonian right now then shoot me an email or look at the new page on my website I created called "Join My Team - Become a Coach" for some more infooooooo! My #1 priority right now is my coaching business and anyone involved with it including clients, coaches, friends, family, etc! Maybe that shouldn't be the case. But it is. I want to get my family to a new place and I want to do it through coaching! I want to spread health and happiness as far wide as I can! I KNOW that anyone can do what I've done and so much more, so I also know that I need to share it as often as possible! Pretty cool huh? Meh maybe not to you, but whatever I'm excited! 


Anyway!! I was editing my website (which was on my to do list btw) and realized that I needed to blog at least something! I saw this blog sitting in the queue since I've been planning to write it for far too ling without actually doing it and knew I needed to actually just DO IT. I honestly don't have the time right now to say more than this, but I apologize for not checking in more often, and I promise I'll attempt to be better again real soon. This blog is something I plan to prioritize better in the future since it bring me joy and I believe it adds value to your life also if you're still reading! Sometimes I just forget how happy blogging makes me!

In other news, if you want daily constant up to date info on me then you need to follow me on snapchat! I'm OBSESSED with it! My username is super dumb: harrmooney OR you can use my fb profile picture (it's my snapcode) to find me!

That's all for today guys - just a super quick check in! I love all of you reading this!

xoxo - Harmony 

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