Prime Day!!

Okay so seeing as I think you guys know I'm obsessed with Amazon (or maybe you don't if you haven't looked at my "resources" section on this website) you have probably assumed that I have Amazon Prime and order from Amazon very frequently!! And if you assumed so, then you would be correct! I seriously just love the convenience and especially free shipping with my Prime membership. ANYWAY I'm not here to talk your ear off about Amazon Prime, and time is of the essence


So essentially there are just a bunch of great deals today so I wanted to give you guys a list of MUST HAVE'S today as well as just some products I found that excited me!! SO here we gooooo! Every item is linked in the same order on the right hand side!

  1. InstaPot! You HAVE TO GET THIS! It's listed at an amazing price point (the discounted price will show once you click on it and go to Amazon!) and it is honestly one of the greatest things ever, especially if you are transitioning to, or are already eating Paleo! It just makes life easier in so many ways! Only $69.99 today!
  2. KINDLE! Yes that's right. The Kindle is an amazing price today. Just get the basic one, it's frigggin amazing and life changing. I was super anti kindle before I got one. I honestly love it though. Great for cookbooks too so you can have Paleo recipes on the go as well as other reading material! Only $49.99 today!
  3. Practical Paleo AKA THE PALEO BIBLE! Seriously if you have been Paleo for years or if you're just thinking about doing it - you NEED this book! There's a second edition coming out in September, but the kindle edition is only friggin $9.99. This book is huge and amazing!
  4. Contigo! Amazing for carrying around ALL OF THE TEA!! Enough said I think! Only $10.99 today!
  5. These are super self explanatory! Meal Prepping is a key factor in staying on track with your health ad wellness goals! Granted I personally am ALL about the PYREX and glass for meal prepping, if you're into the whole plastic thing then these are a steal! $15.99 today I believe!
  6. Resistance Bands because well DUHHH!
  7. Foot Soak!!! Also I think really a DUH kinda thing. Will soothe your feet and with Epsom Salt and Tea Tree oil.
  8. Dry Brushing is wonderful for lymph function, blood flow, and can be beneficial for detoxification as well as acne!! 
  9. There are SO many uses for Activated Charcoal! Teeth whitening, removes impurities from your skin, and can even be given to your pet if they accidentally eat chocolate! 
  10. Full disclosure, I have NOT used this! But the ingredients look good and the reviews are totally awesome! Could be worth trying IMO!
  11. I have dropped my phone so many times and having a :second glass screen" on my phone to crack instead of my actual phones screen has been a lifesaver!
  12. Because Lavender Essential Oils are just always essential!
  13. Painful, but SO good for your muscles! It's little "massage wand" of sorts, I actually made a video about it on YouTube! My channel is linked at the bottom of this page!
  14. 100% Shea Butter! Need I say more?
  15. Laundry detergent is SUPER important if you are prone to breakouts! It's a detail most people overlook, but you've gotta use a natural laundry detergent to save your skin!
  16. I LOVE Bentonite Clay!!! I will admit that I haven't used this brand but the ingredients are good! Totally worth trying for acne prone skin, and really all other skin types also!
  17. CASTOR OIL!!! I have a hair mask recipe on my blog using this oil. It helps promote hair growth. Where are my PCOS ladies and men with thinning hair!? You need this like now!
  18. Wool dryer balls! Do not use TOXIC dryer sheets, switch over to the natural dryer balls!
  19. Also not a product that I've personally used but I know a lot of people who swear by this soap! Could be worth trying out at this price point!
  20. Magnesium Oil!!!! Magnesium is essential for really just so many reasons! It helps you calm and regulate sleep, it's also great for your skin in so many ways!
  21. For all my avid selfie takers/video recorders this is bomb! But warning, IF you have glasses you'll be able to see the light in your pics/videos!
  22. Yet another self explanatory one! Stability balls are not only great for their own exercises BUT they're also great as an alternative for benches if you're lifting!
  23. These rollers are my FAV besides that "stick" I mentioned above! This is more of a traditional foam roller compared to the other but it rolls out your muscles much better than a standard FOAM roller because it ain't foam! It's awesome.
  24. Speaking of Kindles.... The Kindle Fire Tablet is ONLY $33.33!!!! Only 4 hours left on this price! Crazy.
  25. FITBIT!!!! I really feel like this should be higher on the list, but alas hopefully you'll at least look at the first and last items!!! This is the newest Fitbit and it's only $114 at checkout today!!! Cray cray! Seriously AMAZING price, and I just love Fitbits! Oh and this particular one is TEAL! LOVE IT! 

There are a bunch more great items, but I think you can browse and see if anything catches your eye! Also just FYI I do have an associates account with Amazon so when you purchase from my links instead of going to the site on your own I make a very small comission and you pay the exact same amount. If you don't want to go through my links, no pressure yo!

I hope you enjoyed this and found it useful! HAPPY SHOPPING! <3

xoxo, Harmony



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