Super Bowl Recipe Roundup

You guyssssss why does life fly by so fast?

One day I'm making bite sized recipes with the super bowl in the far distance, and then before I know it the super bowl is TOMORROW! Can you relate? On that note, I hope this isn't coming to you too late! I figure if you wanna make any of these delicious healthy goodies you can hop over to the grocery store today and make it happen!

In other news, I'd recommend if you're hosting a super bowl get together that you made a lot of your food tonight as in Saturday night. Don't wait til game day and stress yourself out. Do as much as you can tonight so that you can actually enjoy the super bowl and not be in stressed out hostess mode the whole time.

I can't be the only one who does that... Right?

Okay I'm gonna make this short and sweet because let's be real, the super bowl is RIGHT around the corner (it's tomorrow) and ya'll are looking for some healthy recipes for it that won't ;eave you broken out, bloated, and otherwise unhappy! I've been posting recipes specifically for this purpose (although they work for other occasions as well) for the past few weeks. So let's review what's been going on! Onward ho!

Paleo Recipes Great for the Super Bowl

Lamb Meatballs

I think it goes without saying why a healthy and delicious finger food like meatballs is always a good option for game day! These are super delish and I've gotten rave reviews and feedback on this recipe! I would probably double it for a super bowl party personally, and you could always serve it with the next item, a delicious and super easy dip!

5 ingredient Best Dip Ever

If the name of this hasn't sold you yet then I don't know what will. This dip is packed with nutrients and probiotics so it's good for your gut & your skin along with tasting delicious. Plus as I mentioned it pairs really well with the meatballs AND with the zucchini medallions that are coming up next on the menu!

Fried Zucchini Medallions

I seriously love giving you guys recipes for things that seem like they should be unhealthy but they're just not! These are both nutritious and delicious! Plus let's be real they look pretty cute too! I gave some important tips in the post of this one for reheating instructions & delicious modifications so be sure to read this one through also! You won't be sorry you did!

Paleo Creamy Buffalo Chicken Dip

AKA the winner of everything this year. Seriously you guys, you HAVE to make this dip for game day, or if not for game day then just make it for yourself because it's AWESOME! It does take a little prep since it's in the slow cooker so be sure to get everything you need before game day! That way you can make it quickly and easily! I can't wait to eat my batch tomorrow!!!

Paleo Chocolate Football Cupcakes

Yes, you read that right. I honestly can't even tell you how good these are. I tried to save some for our Super Bowl party but hubs and I kinda failed. He doesn't even "like chocolate" which I don't actually believe is a thing. These even have some zucchini in them and they're egg free! I gave you guys an AIP modification as well so I hope you enjoy these delicious adorable little treats! 

ALRIGHTY short and sweet today guys! There are a ton of other recipes on my site like the Paleo Mayo, and Butternut Squash that could also be great additions to your party spread! Plus they're honestly really good so everyone will love em! Just make everything bite sized & dip-able with some tooth picks and awesome dips and you're SET!

Think guacamole, fresh salsa, veggie trays, some gluten free bread, and maybe even some pulled pork!

I surely hope this helps yah! That's all for me today! Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post I have coming out VERY soon all about how to choose makeup for acne prone skin yippiee!

Until then, have an amazing day and an even better super bowl Sunday!

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