increase nutrient dense FOODS

In Secret #2 we're talking all about adding in and really increasing nutrient dense foods! That's right, I'm telling you to eat MORE! Remember again that you don't have to add in everything all at once! It's important to take it slow and pick one item at a time to add! Unless you like everything on the list, in that case eat away! But always be sure to listen to your body and pay close attention to how the foods you add in are making you feel, just like the foods you eliminated.

Everyone is different and we all have different backgrounds & sensitivities. Some of these food might not agree with you at first! Going from eating a SAD (Standard American Diet) to eating a 100% clean diet can be a big change for your body!

Keep in mind that if you have acne, then you have a leaky gut. At this point your gut is probably very damaged and leaky, and your body is carrying a lot of inflammation. Having a damaged gut also means that your body is struggling to absorb nutrients! So it's especially crucial to eat a ton of foods with as many nutrients as possible!

After some time your body will be able to use & absorb more and more of the nutrients you're feeding it, meaning that your skin will just get healthier & healthier.

Nutrients, and especially MIRCO nutrients are essential building blocks in your skin. Your cells are made up of many different elements that all require both micro and macro nutrients to be both plump and healthy! Healthy skin cells mean a healthy complexion! 

Be patient, give your body time to heal & recover, and don't forget to watch the video below for more & find the specific checklists in the ebook that will tell you what exactly to eat, and why you should eat it!


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