don't touch your skin, paws off!

This is it!!! The last secret I have to share with you, and it's something that can take your skin healing to the next level if you choose to implement it!

Honestly if you're at a point where you're skin is mostly clear but you're just having some tiny breakouts in the same spots over and over again then you can bet that something like this might be the culprit.

Touching your skin, popping your pimples, and not being aware of all the surfaces your skin is coming in contact with is just asking for breakouts. Keep in mind that every surface has bacteria on it and we can only control so much of what comes in contact with our skin.

Just living one day in the modern world our skin is bombarded with pollution in the air, chemicals that are literally ALL around us on a daily basis and countless other things that are completely out of our hands.

With so many things already against our odds of clear skin, why make it worse by not controlling the thing we can control? Touching your skin is a hard habit to break, but once you realize that even just your hands coming in contact with your skin can cause a reaction and spread bad bacteria it makes it easier to keep your paws off. That goes for other surfaces as well. Your face has to come in contact with certain things, so just be sure that anything that does touch your face isn't going to do further damage!

Use whatever method you have to in order to break the habit!

For example I like to think of hands (both mine and others) as dirty and germ infested! Imagining my hands and all surfaces like this makes me not want to touch my face to anything because I don't want to get any dirt or germs on my skin that I'm working so hard to keep clear!

Just like with all the other secrets, remember to take things slow, be patient with your body, and choose one thing at a time to change!

I hope these secrets serve you well, in time you'll see that your life looks different. But do give it time, I really can't stress that enough! If anything doesn't sit well with your body then take a step back and slow down! There's no need to stress about any of this, or force anything that isn't working. Do what's right for your life and your body, and you will find what works for YOU!


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