eliminate irritating foods

In Secret #1 we're talking all about eliminating irritating foods! Remember that you don't have to eliminate everything at once! It's important to take it slow and pick one item at a time to eliminate! Always listen to your body and pay close attention to how the foods you're eating on a regular basis are making you feel.

Everyone is different and we all have different backgrounds & sensitivities. For some of you, just this step alone can practically clear your skin and that's totally amazing! While for others, this is really just the first step in the healing process!

Keep in mind that you've been damaging your body with irritating foods for years! Even most "health foods" on the market these days are filled with toxic chemicals and fillers that are damaging your insides. This is why we must be informed shoppers & learn to read the ingredients labels of all the foods we eat! There's nothing worse than thinking you're eating healthy just to find out that the "health food" was actually filled with a ton of gross ingredients!

This is why we have to arm ourselves with knowledge and stop the damage we've been causing unknowingly! If you have acne, then you have leaky gut. At this point your gut is probably very damaged and leaky, and your body is carrying a lot of inflammation. I explain leaky gut (intestinal permeability) in more detail in the video below! But just know that the dysfunction in your system is showing on your skin in the form of acne!

So be patient, give your body time to heal & recover, and don't forget to watch the video below for more & find the specific checklists in the ebook that will tell you what not to eat, and why not to eat it!

PS If you need help with a more individualized approach, please be sure to fill out a Discovery Call questionnaire on my website so we can chat 1:1 about what you're dealing with: www.thepaleoballerina.com/questionnaire

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