relax, & love yourself!

In Secret #5 we're talking about the part that no one every associates with healing acne: the emotional aspect. It's hard to say if depression & anxiety trigger acne or if acne triggers depression & anxiety but the truth of the matter is that almost everyone who suffers from acne also deals with some from of depression and or anxiety.

With that being said, almost no one is talking about the fact that just doing "all the right things" won't always clear you skin if THIS piece is missing.

Why is that you ask?

It's because the way we talk, think, and act, all directly create our realities as well as our internal chemical makeup. This step is so easy to skip, but it's also really easy to do if you just commit to it. Because it IS so important. This is not just to help your skin, but it's also going to truly help with building real confidence and self love that goes FAR beyond how you look.

The reality is that we aren't going to look perfect everyday. This is why we have to learn to love ourselves regardless of how we look. And the good news? Doing this will actually help you skin heal.

Feeling better about yourself emotionally helps you to produce less cortisol, which means less inflammation, less acne, and overall a more calm, happy outlook on life. It doesn't get much better than that now does it?

I know this can seem a bit woowoo but just give it a chance and be sure to watch the video below for more on this. I give you exact exercises to follow in both the video and the book that when done with true heart and conviction can truly change your life for the better. Happy loving!


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